Today is a big day. Two years ago, a little love nugget was born, who came into our lives 8 weeks later and turned it upside down.

Cholula 100_2897 100_2969

John and I had no idea what Puppy Town would really be like, and I think it’s safe to say that we were naïve parents going in. But Cholula’s presence in our lives took us from just a couple to a family. She means the world to us (as is evidenced by how spoiled she truly is).

100_2933 100_2959 100_3005 100_3007

We celebrated last year by practicing her diving techniques and making cheesy bacon dog biscuits.

IMG_6656 IMG_6669 IMG_6686

This year, Cholula and I are road-tripping our way to Durango for the week (Papa has to work). We’ll be celebrating at Grandma’s house tonight, where the birthday girl will be spoiled times 100. We were there last fall, too- I’m hoping to hike around under these golden aspens a bit. It’s a glorious time of year in Southwest Colorado.

IMG_5941 IMG_5952 IMG_5969

Please visit HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE for more unbearably adorable puppy-ness.

Happy birthday to our sweet, crooked-eared beast!



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