Last week, this photo made me laugh.


Look at her form! Her commitment! This display of nap-manship is not rare, nor is it new behavior. When Cholula was a teeny puppy, she quickly discovered the power nap. Like all puppies, she had two speeds: full throttle and STOP. She played hard and wore herself out quickly. I remember praying that she would fall asleep so I could have a break from Puppy Town mayhem, then tiptoeing around and hissing at John, “Shhh! Don’t wake up the baby!” She would literally be mid-play and she would pass out…sometimes in the funniest positions. She slept anywhere and everywhere, with no regard for position or propriety.

babynap2Collage babynapCollage 100_3094 babynap3Collage

She napped like it was an Olympic sport. Obviously, my favorite was when she napped on me.

100_2933 IMG_1895

That was over three years ago, but Cholula is still competing for the napping gold medal. I love entering a room and finding her completely passed out in the same committed positions she perfected as a baby. What a life! Just look at my sleeping giant over the couple of months.

Bignap2Collage bignapCollage IMG_8998 bignap3Collage

When I catch her in a blissed-out dream state, paws twitching or the occasional unconscious tail wag, I can’t help but feel thankful that she’s clearly enjoying a happy life. Spoiled? Probably. She deserves it.

And my favorite is still when she naps on me.

IMG_8144 IMG_8165

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