My alarm clock snores.

Today’s Photo-a-Day prompt is “something you do every day.”

I’m very intrigued by the individual daily rituals that people have in their lives. For example, how people spend their mornings- a time period that usually doesn’t feel long enough and therefore must be efficient. When I worked a day job, my routine was dialed, down to the order in which I used various products. It had been a while since I shared a home with another human, and it’s interesting to note that everyday actions are a very personal thing. Everybody has STUFF that they do, even on early-morning autopilot.

Guess what? Dogs have routines, too.

Every single morning, I wake up to this:


Ya, ya. Cute. But there is a whole ritual that gets Cholula to this calm (though slightly snoring) state. It’s always the same routine. The army crawl at daylight up the bed. The ‘gunshot’ flop over onto her side (basically landing- and remaining- ON me). A small period of resumed sleep. A rigamortis-leg stretch, accompanied by a loud groan, then a dramatic twist onto her back, head turned to the side. If I don’t pet her belly (my feeble attempt at getting her back to sleep), she exaggerates the position even more, making more groans and taking up MORE space.

My losing battle of the bed has been well-documented.





It’s funny that her morning routine is now my morning routine. As I have mentioned before, letting the tiny puppy onto the bed 6 months ago MAY have been a bad move. It turns out that 5 pounds of puppy is far less invasive than 40 pounds of puppy.


Once The Princess has decided it’s time to wake up, well, you might as well wake up.


She’s a pretty adorable alarm clock. I just wish she had a SNOOZE button.


My thoughts exactly.


  1. That is great! A lesson to be learned. Doggies(ferrets and kitties) know your soft spots and exploit them. xoxoxo

  2. That’s too sweet! When I was younger, I had a great dane who would try to come snuggle up with (on) me at night–I so badly wanted him to stay there, but he was so big and I was so small that there was only room for either half a dog or one little girl in the bed! Can’t say we didn’t try, though.

  3. I know exactly what you are talking about though.Our turtle is trying to put our alarm clock out of business. She just needs us to be awake and then she calms down.
    I love, love, love your photos. I think I need to step up my campaign for a puppy….

      1. Yes, a turtle. While I was in grad school my roommate bought it on the street and I got so attached to her (she was 1 inch at the time) that I had to beg my roommate to leave it with me when she moved. It’s been 10 years now and she is big and naughty. She has quite a personality! But, I wanted a dog ALL MY LIFE, I am willing to take the consequences of having one. I just need to convince my husband that he won’t end up doing both turtle-work and puppy-work.

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