Just go with it.

It happened again.

I got up with the sun.

I woke up before the birds have started chirping. Before the school bus has rumbled by. Before my alarm clock’s first wag. My house has a calm quiet to it at this time of day. The sky is beginning to lighten, and the tippy-tops of the mountains across the way are just starting to feel the sun’s warmth. The breeze from last night is replaced by the stillness of a cool summer morning. The only sound I can hear is a welcome one – the chug-chug of my dutiful $24 Target coffee-maker behind me. I made it extra strong today; it’s 6:01AM.

I complain about mornings a lot, because it’s usually so hard for me to greet them. But on the rare occasions when I can actually enjoy being awake so early, I relish the time to myself before the day has really begun. My legs are tucked under a cozy throw blanket, the coffee in my cup is steaming, and I’ve got a new cookbook to explore. My thoughts are not yet cluttered with the to-do list of the day.


I’d venture to say there’s a morning person trapped inside of me.

Don’t worry- I’ll be grumpy again tomorrow morning.


  1. I often fight the morning person inside of me, but when I let her win it is usually so blissful as you describe. Nice post!

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