Everyday treasures.

When one’s been under the weather, slowly emerging from that FOG makes all the little things we take for granted seem fabulous. Over the last few days, my re-entry into real life has made me savor those delicious moments.

Like the first long, hot shower after a few days of being sick and immobile and gross.


A huge pile of laundry folded AND actually put away! Laundry assistants are also awesome.


Puppy snuzzles as an alarm clock.

Not living in the Salt Lake City soup (worst air quality in the nation in winter- barf!).


Chocolate-covered coffee beans accompanied by a thank you note.


A late lunch date… with myself.


“Dream a Little Dream” sung by Ella Fitzgerald.

A giant chocolate chip oatmeal cookie.


No room in the freezers because we’ve stocked up so well with homemade stuff. High five!

Finding delightful treasures in my new favorite shop. Wandering through aisles of vintage beauty was inspiring.


I adorned my home with a few little trinkets I discovered there.

photophoto 2IMG_8426IMG_8424IMG_8423IMG_8409

The cookie jar is my obvious favorite.

A date with pizza and gelato. Park City is about to be inundated with the madness of the Sundance Film Festival. It felt like the calm before the storm.


On a blustery day like today, a huge storm blowing in, I’m finding comfort in these things. Probably mostly this.


As the weekend approaches, what delicious moments have you savored this week? Was there gelato involved?


  1. Love the cookie jar! My moment of bliss was when I put away the last bunch of socks from a pile of laundry that nearly swallowed our loft whole (about a week’s worth). Problem is, the new pile is already building up- grrr!! I love cleaning, but I HATE laundry!!! Glad you’re feeling better. Cracked up when you mentioned wearing a blanket like a cape b/c we all tease Kimo about wearing a “blanket cape” when he is sick. Last week he was feeling a little off and I told him that I would go out of my mind (in a silly way) if he started roaming the house with his blanket cape. I’m not sure why, but this drives me completely bananas! So instead, he put on his biggest, heaviest coat zipped up to his neck with the giant furry hood cinched tight around his face.

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