The in-betweens.

Mix a little foolishness into your serious plans. It is lovely to be silly at the right moment. – Horace

Sometimes, the unplanned days are the best.

Over the last day or two, as went about our business and prepped for houseguests this weekend, John and I had some unexpected blissful moments. As the sun set on Wednesday, we declared a “no TV” evening and instead, settled in by the fire with new cookbooks, magazines, and newspapers. John read entertaining snippets from the police blotter to me (“a man reported his car stolen. he had left his keys in the ignition, the door was unlocked and open…”) while I described potential future recipes to try.


We warmed up a meal from the stocked freezer and enjoyed a scrumptious soup before deciding that on Bob Marley’s birthday, we should indeed watch his biography. (Marley. Watch it. Inspiring.)


In the morning, we snuzzled with a certain bed hog for a little longer than usual. After a bit of reading in a sunbeam and listening to Rodriguez on vinyl, I convinced John to leave his office for a snowy walk in the sunshine with me. Clutching coffees and laughing at Cholula’s antics was pretty much the best way to begin a day.


Last night, we decided to head into Salt Lake on an impromptu date night to our very favorite sushi joint. We were greeted by hugs by the employees and made our way through an impressive and delicious meal.


Dear sushi, THANK YOU for being gluten-free. Love, me. 

This morning, as snow begins to blow in over the mountains, we’re enjoying the calm before the wonderful storm that comes with occupied guest rooms and family fun. There will be plenty of planned activities and things on our to-do list this weekend. These little bits and pieces of life in between the routine make me feel so grateful.


I hope that this weekend, you take a moment to enjoy the IN-BETWEENS. That’s the good stuff.

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Such a fabulous post! I love when unexpected bliss happens! I also love those pictures of you at the sushi restaurant. You’re the cutest. Hope you have a fabulous weekend:)

  2. Great post! Sometimes I have a bad habit of wanting to plan every second of my day– but its better to slow down and have your day go in surprise directions. Turning off the TV is key– I always feel more relaxed when I do. Thanks for sharing your amazing photos as always

    1. The TV part is always harder than it sounds. But there’s a game… But my favorite show is on tonight… But it’s quiet in here… When it’s off, other things fill that space. Better things!

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