Oden’s One-Year Stats

Guys, Oden is ONE! I feel like your baby turning a year old is a big milestone, and not just in the number of days he’s been alive. There’s something that’s shifted from being an infant to being a toddler. It happened so quickly that I’m thankful I’ve taken lots of notes about his week-to-week development over the last 12 months. Recently, I reviewed my monthly Instagram posts (#odenbythemonth) and felt completely nostalgic for the teensy baby months! I was giggling through teary eyes at the memories of him fitting in his swing and lifting his head during tummy time for the first time, and gasp at the idea of being so overwhelmed I couldn’t take him anywhere without another person along with me. Oh, the days of toting him around in his little carseat while he blissfully snoozed away are long gone. Those moments flew by and I’m happy to have the record of them to write into his baby book to remember forever (if I can ever find the time…). And so, to round out Year One, Oden would like to share his one-year stats!

I turned one year old on March 2! (I like cake.)

I weigh about 28 ½ pounds and I’m just over 32 inches tall. I wear 18 month-sized clothes. I have 14 teeth! Mom calls me an over-achiever!

I take two naps each day and sleep about 11 hours each night. I move all over my crib but my preferred position is stinkbug-style with my booty in the air. When I wake up, I like to have a minute or two to adjust and hold my Lambie.

I love:

  • Pushing buttons to make actions or sounds
  • Lights
  • Sharing my food and toys with Cholula
  • Pushing my ball and chasing it
  • Pointing
  • Splashing in the bath
  • My sippy cup
  • Pretend-eating with my spoon and pretend-feeding my toys and Mama
  • Looking out the window at the trees and birds
  • Taking walks in my stroller
  • Sharing
  • Being LOUD!

I can:

  • Blow kisses
  • Wave bye-bye
  • Cheers! Salud!
  • High five
  • Speed-crawl
  • Stand and squat
  • Walk holding on to the coffee table or couch
  • Take 5-6 steps if I’m bribed with something like bacon!
  • Make signs for “sun”, “more”, “all done”, “apple”, “dog”
  • Clap my hands
  • Scrunch my nose to sniff flowers
  • Use my spoon to put food mostly in my mouth


My nicknames are Bubba, Obbah, and Obie J. When I’m doing something I shouldn’t be doing, my mom calls me Oden John in a different voice.

My favorite songs are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, If You’re Happy and You Know It, and The Itsy Bitsy Spider. I like making the hand motions! My favorite noises to make are lion roars, saying Ma-ma-ma, sounding exactly like the Sleestaks from Land of the Lost, fake coughing, and laughing! I’m starting to get frustrated that I can’t talk which makes me upset but I’m trying! My favorite books are the Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Bearenstein Bears (read by my Auntie). I love pointing at everything on the pages. My favorite foods are berries, apple, turkey, anything I can feed myself, and CHEESE! I also love my sippy cup full of water and want to do “cheers” 10 times in a row.

I have taken 3 trips on an airplane, visited 7 states, dipped my toes in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, been to 3 concerts, and been camping 3 times! I love experiencing new places, people, and things!

It’s been a great year! 

More about Baby Oden.

Check out #odenbythemonth on Instagram!


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