Oden’s First Concert

We are at a really fun time in Oden’s young life, full of all sorts of “firsts.” It’s so important to us to continue to enjoy the activities we love and expose Oden to them along the way. Hiking is a way of life for me in Park City, so taking Oden on his first visit to the trail was a big deal. Last weekend, we took him on his first camping trip… and didn’t lose our minds! And Wednesday night kicked off our summer of music at Red Butte Garden’s glorious outdoor amphitheater. We’ve been seeing incredible bands there for years, and it’s the perfect venue to introduce Oden to one of our favorite things: live music.

Seeing live music has been a love of ours throughout our relationship. While Oden was baking away in my belly, we saw some seriously great bands: Ryan Adams, Blitzen Trapper, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Mark Knopfler, My Morning Jacket, and the Grateful Dead (twice). The artist playing this week just happened to be blues legend Buddy Guy, so we knew that the evening would be two things: loud and crowded. I’d tested some tiny noise-canceling headphones on Oden before the show, and he didn’t seem to mind wearing them. Whew!


Instead of camping out in the line before the gates opened to rush in for good seats (as we have many times in years past), we arrived as the sold-outshow was starting and headed for the back of the venue. We found a great spot on the grass that was easy to access with a view of the stage. We set up shop, popped Oden in the Bjorn, and strolled to the concession area to get a couple of burgers.

IMG_8233 IMG_8236 IMG_8394

Apparently, Memorial Day marked the end of wet spring weather for Utah; it was a beautiful evening! While we had Oden in the Bjorn, we moseyed around the garden with our cocktails and listened to the opening band (Jonny Lang). Oden seemed to just soak in the scene, happy to look around and hold my finger with his chubby little hand.

IMG_8398 IMG_8245 IMG_8249 IMG_8402 IMG_8401 IMG_8404IMG_8405

Just about the time Buddy Guy took the stage, Oden needed a diaper change, so John visited the “family” bathroom and changed him into his jammies, too. We took another stroll deeper into the garden, showing Oden the different flowers in bloom.

IMG_8409 IMG_8411 IMG_8414 IMG_8413 IMG_8418 IMG_8419 IMG_8421 IMG_8424 IMG_8429 IMG_8435 IMG_8440 IMG_8445

I could see that he was getting tired so we settled into our seats. The timing of his bottle was actually right on target with his usual schedule, and before I knew it, he’d dozed off in my arms- right around bedtime. He easily transferred into the car seat and we tucked him in with a cozy blanket, checked on him frequently, and enjoyed the ripping blues show while he slept, well, like a baby. I think John and I even high-fived each other as the sun was setting, and we took turns heading closer to the stage for a better view. What a night!

IMG_8268 IMG_8261IMG_8273IMG_8263 IMG_8457 IMG_8458IMG_8464

We packed up before the end of the show to beat the mass exodus of people. As we left, Buddy Guy took his guitar into the crowd and made his way pretty close to where we’d been sitting! Oden woke up briefly during the stroller walk back to the car, but the ride up the canyon to Park City sealed the deal and he was basically snoring when I moved him from the car seat to his bed. Somehow, we’d managed to take our infant son to a loud, crowded blues concert and maintain his schedule (loosely). He slept for almost 7 hours straight!

IMG_8470 P1240897

Each time we have a successful “first” with Oden, it feels like a huge accomplishment for us as parents. We realize that we are actually capable, and it means a lot to us for our child to have these experiences with us. Oden went to his first concert at the age of 3 months, and he rocked it! We’ve got more concerts to see this season, and with this one under our belts, I can’t wait.

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  1. It seems like a beautiful journey you and your family has embarked on. It was a delight to read about Oden’s First Concert 🙂

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