Oden “Firsts”

I would bet that most women expecting their second child have a similar worry: that their firstborn somehow won’t feel as loved along the way. Oden has been our world since he made his entrance in March of 2016. Suddenly, there’s nonstop talk about a new baby, his little brother. The baby gets a new room! The baby gets Oden’s old clothes, toys, crib! Baby, baby, baby. It’s a lot for a 2-year-old to absorb. Our pediatrician gave us the wise advice to include Oden in the whole process so he knows this is his baby, too. So we did. Oden helped with the nursery (which I’ll share soon), putting away toys and clothes, etc. Oden got to hold Morrison in the hospital before my own mother. If the baby squeals, we tell Oden he’s happy to see him! We’ve had very few issues with him being upset or jealous about Morrison, before or after he was born.

While the baby madness was happening, we spent a lot of time doing special things with Oden while it was just the three of us. Raising a child is so fun because all along the way, you get to expose him to the “firsts.” The first time on a swing, for example, or the first time in a pool. The firsts are happening all the time, but some of them are bigger than others and deserve to be documented, like his first plane ride or first time touching the ocean. Or his first sink bath, first live concert, or first camping trip!

Let me share just a few of Oden’s fun little “firsts” that happened right before Morrison joined the party. First, Oden rode a horse! Some friends who live down the street invited us to their daughters 2nd birthday party, so Oden and I rode our bikes over to celebrate. It was one of those parties that was clearly meant for adults and children alike, with cocktails and catered food. There was also a bounce house that Oden loved, and, to our surprise, pony rides! One of the ponies wore a unicorn horn. I wasn’t sure how my 2-year-old would feel about climbing on a big animal by himself, but my brave boy spent the rest of the party alternating between pony rides and unicorn rides. Just look at the joy on his face!

Another big first experience for Oden that made John’s Daddy dreams come true? His first ski day! John took Oden to get fitted for skis, boots, and a helmet. There’s a program where you rent them for the season and then just trade them in next year for a new size. Oden was so proud to have his own gear and wanted to test them out in the backyard as soon as they got home, despite the fact that the sun was going down. Oden’s balance on skis was impressive from the beginning.

Another day, we took him to Park City Mountain Resort without skis, just to check out the “magic carpet” (a moving sidewalk on the bunny hill that you ride instead of a chair lift). After watching with John for a bit, they rode it a few times so he’d be comfortable when they came with skis! And then the big day happened. My boys went skiing. I have no action photos or videos because John was helping Oden learn, but I saw his ride up the magic carpet for the first time- and the donut treat after their adventure!

Another “first” that I postponed as long as possible? Oden’s first big boy haircut. I love his curls so much and we don’t mind the long hair, but I had to keep chopping bits out of his eyes and it was looking like…well, like his pregnant mom cut his hair at home. Not great. After looking around at spots where a 2-year-old would feel comfortable, we took a recommendation and went to a real barber on Main Street. Oden was suspicious at first, but then Terry the barber opened a drawer full of lollipops! Oden sat in the big chair and had a real haircut while enjoying not one but two suckers. It was a good experience for everyone!

On my phone, Oden discovered old videos of a Christmas when we took my parents to the local bowling alley. He’s watched it so many times and often said, “I want to do that.” So one day, we surprised him and went bowling! It might have been the best day of his life, judging by his constant excitement. Not surprisingly, my strong boy grabbed whichever bowling ball was handy and gave up on the contraption that helps kids roll the ball. He played like a grown up and did pretty well, and cheered for each of us after our turns (including himself!). He may or may not have had a higher score than I did…We had to bribe him when it was time to leave! I can’t wait to take him again.

Now that Morrison is here, I’m busy tracking his firsts- first smile, first roll over- but there are many more big events for Oden on the way, too. This is one aspect of parenthood that never gets old!

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