Bliss Bits 6/9/2019

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it…”

Any 80s baby knows that quote from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Lately, those words feel SO TRUE! Suddenly, it’s June. My “newborn” is 6 months old and cutting his fifth tooth already. My “baby” is running around in underwear, not diapers, and sleeping in a big boy twin bed. We went to his new preschool’s welcome picnic last night, and I had a moment where I realized these milestone changes are possibly harder on me than they are on my boys! Whether or not I can keep up, the train keeps a-rollin’… and taking milestones and memories along with it. We’ve recently spent a week in Morro Bay, California and three glorious weeks in Mexico. Sometime soon, I hope to be able to share those special trips. I know much of my life can seem idyllic on this website or social media, and a lot of the time, it is. But make no mistake that there are serious struggles in between the shiny parts. Life happens, and it’s messy (hello, postpartum depression!). Sometimes it’s therapeutic for me to share the hard stuff here, but I also like to use this space to remind myself to count my blessings. For now, I’ll share the happy moments before, between, during, and after our spring vacations because, well, I’m taking Ferris’s advice. It moves pretty fast, and I don’t want to miss a thing.

Take a look at the blissful bits that have been keeping us smiling over here!

The tradition continues with Mets gear on MLB Opening Day!

This flower is real!

Tiny boys live here.

Currently twitching and waiting for the “excellence”…

Lilacs come early in Salt Lake City.

I’m proud and amazed I am still breastfeeding Morrison most of the time. (Oden’s story.)

We visited a petting zoo and John is lucky these piggies aren’t living in our backyard.

I spy an adorable Easter Bunny!

Our week in Morro Bay was wonderful- stay tuned! This is such a Cali flower.

The world’s largest sandbox.

Cute little ice cream truck in Harmony!

Our neighbors sent proof of April snow at our house while we were in Cali.

Foggy horse ride on the beach.

Morrison looking like a little old man in his sun hat!

Magical neighborhood mailbox.

Beach boys.

Kissing the beard goodbye- he trimmed it wayyyy back!

My big boisterous boy is super loving and gentle with his little brother.

We joined a local Easter egg hunt in Cayucos!

Bunny craft.

What I wish all air travel was like these days. (Hint: It’s NOT.)

I put a greeting card I purchased in California into a frame for my desk.

Spotted in the driveway!

Date night sushi.

Having two boys is wonderful, but this makes me want to add a little girl to the mix!

We are way into ZOODLES lately!

So true! Kindness is an important lesson for everyone!

Possibly the best impulse buy EVER.

Oden sporting a tee-shirt gifted from an old high school friend!

Morrison found his feet and likes to nibble his toes, much like I did when I was a baby!

Oden made Uma a special Mother’s Day gift.

Double trouble!

Bare trees and a crazy sky.

No comment necessary.

Fajita quinoa bowl!

His new helmet is a women’s size small.

Ladies brunch! Welcome back, Sandra!

Those brown eyes get away with a lot.

Juggling is my new skill. I have not yet mastered it.

Sometimes I make family breakfast!

Mo wearing a hand-knit hat en route to a stay-cation at Snowbird Resort.

We saw dear old friends and got a photo of all of our children. I love this!

I also love wine lunch with some original gang members…

Mo’s 4-month checkup. At his 6-month checkup this week, he weighed 17.05 pounds.

An old shot of the Fab Five one of the gals found.

My Mother’s Day card from my brother was epic.

So was this gift from John with my boys’ names!

Silver Star Cafe lunch view.

Practicing for summer.

He’s too big for this now! Sniff, sniff, sob!

Oden’s favorite- the carousel at the zoo!

Chubby nursing fingers.

Wearing a shirt from Auntie Baba that was meant for Oden!

Spring fever at a park in Salt Lake City.

We finally have this rocking chair my mom used when I was a baby in my home!

Bumbo boy!

Oden having a picnic with his buddies at the park.

Zucchini egg cups.

I brought these two tiny shirts back from Mexico! I’ll share our trip soon.

Unprompted assistance to help Madeline with her shoes.

Growing like a weed.

Visiting the baby sheep!

Big boy bed!

What late-season snow turns into.

This moment!

One year ago, we enjoyed post-nap popsicles on the porch every day.

Two years ago, Oden loved playing in water on our back deck!

Three years ago, Oden went to his first concert– Buddy Guy.

Four years ago, we were at Four Elements Farm.

Five years ago, I was unpacking yet another box of fertility medication and injections.

Six years ago, we camped in this awesome yurt!

Seven years ago, I was drinking a GFD with Nancy in Bozeman.

Eight years ago, we were embarking on our summer on the road in our new trailer, Betty!

Nine years ago, the Fab Five were causing trouble…

And this is what the beginning of summer looks like.

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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