Bliss Bits 2/1/2016

Guys, I’m not going to lie- it’s ALL BABY, ALL THE TIME over here. Our world now seems to revolve around all things baby: discussions about co-sleepers, Moses baskets, what to put in the hospital bag, changing tables, poopy diaper trash bins, how the stroller works, how the car seat works, birth classes, breastfeeding, meetings with our doula, which cramps to be worried about, foot rubs, and stocking the freezer for when we’re in new-baby zombie-land. I stop myself from apologizing to John that most of the things that come out of my mouth are baby or pregnancy-related, because it’s the same for him. After all, we are just over four weeks from meeting this giant alien being that makes my tummy undulate in quite uncomfortable ways throughout the day. Four weeks IF we make it to my due date, though I’m pretty sure we’ll be welcoming our newest pack member sometime in late February (call it motherly instinct). It’s as if we’re riding the roller coaster up that first big hill, our tummies full of butterflies knowing there’s a steep, long, terrifying drop just ahead. So much anticipation! So, we’ll continue chatting about birth plans, baby-safe laundry detergent, and how to prepare Cholula for a tiny human, because that’s where we are in our lives and it’s truly special and amazing. I only wish we had someone to definitively tell US how to prepare for a tiny human… because despite our chats and planning and pseudo-preparation, we’re really just as clueless as the next new parents. It’s a good thing I love a good roller coaster ride, because that first drop is likely to be a doozy!

Here are a few of the things keeping us smiling over the last couple of weeks (baby-related or not)!


Granola and yogurt is always a good start to the day!


According to our (clearly outdated) baby class paperwork, many women enjoy listening to Yanni. 


High fives to my husband who brought home handmade tamales one night!


John’s get-up for nighttime backyard elk/coyote standoff viewing.


This rad greeting card graphic made me excited for family camping trips this summer!


Indoor broiler “s’more love” from our Baby Bash


Mmmmm lunch!


A very cool wall mural in Eden, Utah. 


Frosted branches on a snowy hike.


Waiting on Big Mama to catch up. 


A glorious taste of spring!


Family bed. Note the number of pillows!


Turkey-cheddar sandwiches with apple slices are still a pregnancy go-to!


Testing the baby glider. It’s AWESOME.


When a 6 year-old accidentally gives you a new middle name…


Thoughtful hubby brought me home a random donut from the gas station… and it was DELISH.


You should make this chicken mole! The crockpot does most of the work.


Blue skies make the snowy landscape so much prettier. 


Weekly non-stress tests have begun. The blue line shows contractions! We have an active little critter.


Cholula is not impressed with this snowman attempt. 


Pre-baby (double) date night with friends! I greatly enjoyed a skillet pot pie and a salted caramel shake. 


I miss wine. 


Grateful for packages from friends who send baby clothes and an adorable pumpkin costume!


Sweet tooth? Hosting Superbowl? Make these whiskey toffee blondes! YUM.


This fat, extremely brave bunny basically owns the backyard. 


It’s the year of BIG SNOW.


What a Friday night looks like these days. Party time!


My sweet first fur baby, Zamboni, passed away this week. She lived a long life- almost 14 years! RIP. 


I seasoned and seared this big old pork shoulder before throwing it into the crockpot. 


It turned into this scrumptious pulled pork sandwich (and stocked the freezer for later)!


My dear friend, Mandy, sent baby plenty of fresh pineapple, direct from Maui! 


This one LOVES deep snow. She just rests in it!


Current favorite breakfast at Good Karma.


When the sight of coffee cake at the Starbucks counter turns into grocery shopping fuel. #blamethebaby


One year ago, my brother and I were at odds at our Superbowl party.


Two years ago, we had a Superbowl Date– hiking, cooking, wagering cash money on the game!


Three years ago, I was treasure-hunting. I brought home those vintage snowshoes. 


Four years ago, mini-Cholula was helping with Superbowl prep. #EARS


Five years ago, I was taking in this Salt Lake City view with Zamboni. 


And this morning, I watched the ladies on the hill munch in the falling snow. 

You know. Just the usual bliss. 

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  1. I haven’t had tamales in forever. There are only a couple places here that sell them and they aren’t very good.

  2. Sorry to hear about Zamboni – such a sweet face. Holy Pineapple – stocked up for a while! I cannot believe you are in the home stretch with Baby Howe – cannot wait to hear that the wee one has arrived. Cholula will love the wee one and be best buds 🙂 Happy Bliss Day – Enjoy!

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