Photo Walk: Snow Hike

P1190315 P1190318 P1190319 P1190320 P1190321 P1190322 P1190325 P1190326 P1190327 P1190329 P1190331 P1190333 P1190334 P1190335 P1190338 P1190340 P1190341_2 P1190345 P1190348 P1190349 P1190352 P1190354 P1190356 IMG_6968 P1190357 P1190358 P1190359 P1190361 P1190362 P1190365 P1190369 P1190364P1190375 P1190376 IMG_6973 P1190377

If you are looking for a serious workout, take a hike in the mountains the day after a storm drops a foot of new snow on unpacked trails. I stopped to catch my breath multiple times (but blamed it on wanting to take photographs). The pictures almost look like they were shot in black and white, but only the one with me in it actually is. I take in the view of these mountains from my desk and it’s one of my favorite places to hike. (Cholula, too.) 

Spring Trail/Upper Meeks, Pinebrook. Park City, Utah

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Spring Trail in autumn.

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