Bliss Bits 2/12/2014.

It’s BLISS BITS Wednesday!

Dear Year of the Horse: BE NICER. There seems to be a little dark cloud over 2014 so far. Loved ones are dealing with illness, unexpected disease, heartache, crumbling relationships, even death. My heart breaks for the people close to me who are suffering. In challenging times, I find it hard to continually look to the bright side; the truth is that, in some situations, there IS no bright side. It’s all we can do to love each other and remember that famous line: This too shall pass. My dad shared that with me during the hardest time in my own life, and- no surprise- he was right. These are the days to grasp every bit of joy as it comes your way and savor it, trusting that good things are right around the corner. Here are a few of the happy things from my week!


A summer-y snack on (surprisingly) yummy gluten-free bread.


Love doodles from John. He makes a decent heart (for a boy)!


My mom is helping train one of these Shep puppies. I want her to steal one.


Stalking the bird feeder.


Hard to imagine wildflowers on the hill and a thriving garden, but it will return!


Family power nap.


Put a bird on it.


This is how she pouts. This move generally comes with a deep sigh.


A berry delish breakfast.


Hyacinth blossom!


I’ve been able to find decent tomatoes in the dead of winter. Yum.


That smile rejuvenates me! Wag-wag-wag.


Powdered sugar trees and the moon. 


We made good old American burgers to kick off the Winter Olympics. 




Decaf Americano.


One of my vintage shop finds from yesterday. Love this hand-painted bowl!


One year ago, this amazing bacon was only part of a fabulous V-day date


Two years ago, we were moving to Park City!


Three years ago, Sarah was bringing me back to center, as she always does. 


And today, I got lost in this book while the snow fell outside.

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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  1. That’s true, it shall pass, but sometimes God takes longer than WE want. Remember, His yesterday and tomorrow is the same. He always exists in the now.

  2. Oh My Goodness – that pouty pup face makes me melt:) Loving your opening paragraph – Great Reminder – Savor the Good with the Bad – Every Day is a Blessing and a Gift!!! Happy Bliss Day.

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