Pieces of history.

Sometimes I think I should have majored in History.

Yes, I adore the lyrical quality of words and devour books like cookies, so my bachelor’s degree in English Literature was a good fit for me. But as I’ve gotten older, I realize I’m intrigued by life’s stories: where things came from, how people lived in other eras. I’m mesmerized by old photographs and dusty artifacts from days gone by. I’m constantly amazed that while the details of daily life may have been vastly different a hundred years ago, people are people. They wanted the same things: love, family, success, comfort. They sat around tables filled with food and family on holidays. They went fishing or hiking for leisure, often with a wagging canine companion trotting alongside. They camped under the stars. They wrote in journals. They marveled at sunsets and sipped wine danced to music and held hands. I find joy in making those connections with past generations.

My favorite place to immerse myself in the interesting beauty of the past is a cute little vintage shop in Salt Lake City called Emilie Jayne. Every time I visit, it’s chock full of new-old items. I poke around the shelves, which are displayed enchantingly by color. It’s a rainbow of history in there, with the faint, nostalgic aroma of old library books and dusty attics. There’s a back room filled with children’s things- storybooks, lunch pails, dolls. There’s an entire wall of clear glass- cake stands, Bell jars, crystal vases. You might find an antique silver tea set or kitschy kitchen items from the 70s. In places like this, I have an irrational fear of a fire. It’s like a museum, filled with the tales of every decade. Sure, everything has a price tag on it for treasure hunters like myself, but truly, they’re priceless.

P1070131 P1070132 P1070127P1070120 P1070121P1070118 P1070119 P1070122 P1070123 P1070124 P1070125 P1070126 P1070128 P1070129 P1070130 P1070133 P1070134 IMG_9148 IMG_9144

I know now, after a few visits, to expect to leave Emilie Jayne with a handful of gems. The kind women who work at the shop wrap them up lovingly and pass a colorful bag over the counter that looks like a gift– one I can’t wait to unwrap when I get home.


When our brand-new house was finished, we had the intimidating task of filling its empty rooms. We took what we could from both of our single-folks houses and purchased a lot of new furniture, too. The challenge was to warm up the new-ness in our modern/industrial home, to add a level of lived-in comfort. Emilie Jayne has helped in that: each room holds a treasure or two.

The kitchen is home to my cute little cookie jar, sitting next to an antique scale and a 70s ceramic pitcher. I store homemade lemonade in my favorite juice carafe, and there’s a retro cream-and-sugar station by the coffee maker.  I use an old cantaloupe crate for glass recycling.

P1000873 IMG_9150 IMG_9157 P1070140P1070137

Throughout the house, there are colorful vintage vases and jars and bottles. I’ve also started collecting vintage globes and children’s books. They fascinate me!

IMG_9154 P1000878 P1000888 P1010077 P1070204 P1000895 P1070142 IMG_9152 P1070144 P1070145 P1070146

It’s hard not to scoop up every tiny vintage box or dish, but I’ve allowed myself a few. I couldn’t resist the antique snowshoes, and there are a couple of cute little ceramic flower vases tucked here and there. They make me happy.

P1070147 P1070149 P1070150 P1010079P1070184 P1070185

I just love this old blue cosmetic bag, and I use the small blue luggage box to hold albums in the music nook in our bedroom. This red typewriter table works perfectly as a home for my record player!

P1070151 P1070201 P1070202

I believe the key to a comfortable home is filling it with items that you love– things that reflect you in some way, things that make you smile. I like a mixture of old and new, to have bits of history around us as John and I create our own story together.

Who knows? Someday, our new things might be the vintage pieces that someone discovers, carefully finding just the right spot for them in their home, wondering about the story behind them- giving them new life with their love.


  1. I feel the same about old stuff. I collect books and I love globes and maps too, but I haven’t been able to find any to buy just yet. A couple of weeks ago the antique mall burnt down… I almost cried at the loss of all of those treasures. I can’t imagine 😦

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