Memories made.

I just love an occupied guest room.

My folks just drove away, heading back home after a fabulous visit that included delicious meals, happy hours on the patio, a boys-against-girls charades game, some yard work in the sun, afternoon naps, glorious sunsets, toasty toes at the fire pit, and the big event: an outdoor concert.


The Tony Bennett concert tickets were our Father’s Day gift to my jazz-loving dad, and we did it right. We packed up an impressive picnic- fried chicken, meats and cheeses, a crusty baguette, Greek pasta salad, fresh fruit, and cookies. Plenty of adult beverages kept us warm as the sun set. The crowd was big and the music was fantastic! Summer concerts are one of my very favorite things- and how fun to experience one with my folks!


Last night, we took full advantage of the longest day of the year and camped out in the backyard from happy hour until the sun went down after 9:00pm. John grilled up some ribs and my dad made his famous Italian coleslaw. YUM!


After supper, we adjourned to our newly-constructed lounge chairs (thanks, Pops) around the fire pit. We gazed at the darkening sky, our feet warmed by the fire, and clinked our glasses to a fun-filled visit- fabulous memories were made!


Full, cozy, content, surrounded by family, and sipping good red wine…

Every night should end like this, don’t you think?


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