Me in PC: Savor the Summit

We moved to Park City about a year and four months ago. And after Saturday night, I finally feel a little more like a LOCAL.

On Saturday, 10 blocks of Main Street were shut down to traffic and transformed into the site of one long, lovely dinner party known as Savor the Summit. John and I have been wanting to experience the event for years, but have never secured a reservation. Our neighbors reserved us spots with them at the High West Distillery table this year. Score!


Thirty different restaurants each have their own section of the Grande Table, serving individual menus and with their own spectacular décor. The High West section had a rustic bar with multiple cocktail options, a few leather couches for lounging with appetizers, and a local band played nearby. The first hour was a raucous cocktail party of handshakes, hugs, shots, greeting old friends and making new ones.


When you sit at a communal table, you become BFFs with your neighbor. We clinked our way through four fantastic courses. In addition to wine, our menu featured High West Distillery’s various whiskeys to accompany each dish. Check out the menu!


As the sun hid behind the historic buildings on Main Street, I was thankful for the warming whiskey (and coat I brought with me). I wondered what the other 2,500 people at the long table were enjoying for dinner. At our table, each course was full-sized, not a tasting menu. By the time the family-style huckleberry crisp landed in front of me, we were all laughing, tipsy, and full.


John and I were surprised to be seated near new friends we’d made a couple of weeks ago, and the entire event was filled with fun people. Once the dinner party ended, there were various live music events going on around town, but our rowdy group headed for the High West Saloon for a nightcap (or three). When our driver dropped us back home after midnight, we thanked our neighbors for a fabulous night and stumbled across the street toward bed.

There’s no question we’ll attend the Savor the Summit event every year. The only question is whether to stick with the High West table or experiment with a new restaurant each year. A glance at some of the photos I’ve seen from other parts of the event makes me want to try them all! Take a peek at the fab Instagram photos from @katbep, @marylosordo, @kelli_nak, @danielle_uscand @dspino from elsewhere on Main Street. Here are some other photos from around the web.

canyons cy web

**The Canyons Resort**

talisker pc lodging

**Talisker on Main (source)**

ny daily news

**A great shot of the fun from the NY Daily News**

Regardless of where we sit or what we eat, this is one event that we won’t miss. It’s the Park City event of the summer!

Besides…we’re locals. 

Read more about the event here!


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