Cookies and Cake.

Confession: I love holiday baking.

I’m one of those people who bakes four different kinds of cookies to wrap up in pretty packages for all of my friends and neighbors. I love putting on my grandmother’s apron and some classic Christmas songs, singing along while I somehow get covered in flour.

Last night, I had a sweet tooth. It’s still a bit early to really dive into creating treats for gifts, but I did have a gingerbread cookie mix that caught my eye.


Cookie mixes are like cake mixes. I prefer to make things from scratch, but sometimes, it’s nice to have the ingredients pre-measured and mixed. I read the ingredients of the gingerbread mix and there was nothing suspicious listed. Just add butter, honey, water… easy peasy! I pulled out the apron!

The box said that the cookie mix came with a gingerbread man cookie-cutter. When I opened the mix, I realized that these cookies would be bite-sized mini-men! Luckily, I had a larger cookie-cutter in the pantry. And away I went, while John continued to decorate the exterior of the house with twinkly lights.


I wanted to “dress up” the larger gingerbread men in little coats and hats, but had minimal decorations for cookies on hand. I made a cinnamon icing (powdered sugar, milk, vanilla, cinnamon) and started there.


I realized that the cookie decorations I had weren’t going to work for any detailed costumes, so I ended up with one Gingy King with peppermint hair and a yellow coat and the rest were cinnamon-y clones!


My two nieces in California sent over names for a few of the men: Ginger, Twinkle, Buttercup, Pony, and the King, whose name is Kovu. So random and awesome. The imagination of a child makes this season even more magical!


Overall, the mix was tasty. I know that homemade gingerbread cookies would have been better, but a couple of tiny bite-sized guys hit the spot after dinner! There’s plenty of time to bust out the rest of my holiday cookie cutters and do some fun cookie decorating.

Now for the CAKE: I just wanted to give a shout out to Rian at Truth and Cake. Her blog has been Freshly Pressed multiple times, with good reason. She shared her exposure with other bloggers by starting an idea she calls Freshly Press Yourself, where bloggers can post one of their favorite blog posts on her site and be seen in ways they might not otherwise be seen. She’s done it twice, and it’s an awesome and successful way to expand the blogging community. Views on The Usual Bliss doubled yesterday, and I even picked up a few new followers (hi, guys!). In addition, I found some really fun new blogs to keep up with. Such a cool idea- and very generous to share her success with others! Thanks, Rian!

And now, I’m off to make homemade eggnog. I’ll probably drink some in the daytime… Don’t judge.

‘Tis the season, right?


  1. Great post. I am so pleased that you are referring to Gingerbread Men not “person” as shown on the packaging in your photo. I love ginger cake, ginger biscuits and Gingerbread Men.

  2. I love that they named one of the gingerbread men Pony! You are too sweet, and I’m so glad you had some extra visitors–that’s exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you for participating and for being so awesome.

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