Kids Live Here (2)

I’ve said it before, and I’m certainly not the first- having a child changes everything! Resistance is futile.

Welcome to another “Kids Live Here” compilation. There’s no question about it- the evidence is everywhere. I’m not talking about the big and obvious things, like an playroom overflowing with toys or the high chair in the kitchen. I’m talking about the tiny handprints on the windows. The glitter on the table. Bibs hanging from the oven door and something called “Boogie Wipes” on my grocery list. These are the little signs of the chaos that is parenthood these days- the stuff that sometimes makes me crazy but I will certainly miss when it’s gone. I want to remember this phase, with a teething infant and a potty-training toddler, challenging as it may be. The kid-juggle John and I are still perfecting. I want to remember those little socks waiting to be sorted and the pot of painted rocks on the deck. I want to remember the collection of pinecones in the sidewalk chalk bucket and the water balloons in my bathtub. These are the days of teething gel and burp cloths and Paw Patrol undies, blackout curtains and outlet plug covers, baby monitors and board books. Before we know it, these things will be memories and our kids will have grown into another chapter of life. These posts are my way of remembering the “good old days.” Enjoy!

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