A December to Remember

Fa la la! The holiday season is finally here. There’s no shortage of nostalgia in my soul. I’ve mentioned before that just about everything in life takes on a new perspective when you add in a child, and there’s a renewed sense of joy around each holiday tradition as we share them (or create new ones) with Oden. Last year, he was a baby. Everything is new and special to a baby…why wouldn’t there be a big tree in the house?

But now that Oden is getting bigger, communicating and understanding more, he’ll be way more into the fun stuff that only happens in December. This year, I thought it would be fun to compile the Christmas things we like to do into a bucket list, adding in some fun new traditions along the way. I taped it right onto the fridge where we can be reminded of the fun activity options. Here’s what I came up with!

Some of these items are easy to do. We take the long way home just about every time we’re in the car after dusk to see the Christmas lights in the neighborhood, and we will obviously visit the tree farm at some point to get a Christmas tree. But others are more intentional, like making ornaments together, and my hope is that we’ll not only start some fun family traditions but we’ll create some memories that Oden (and his parents) will cherish for years to come. We’ve gotten a head start on Christmas movies with multiple showings of The Grinch and have loved oooh-ing and ahhh-ing at the lights around the neighborhood. Suddenly, the crazy house with 10,000 lights and a giant blow-up Santa is my favorite…how kids change things! We’ll be checking out the tree farm this weekend, so stay tuned!

This list is just for fun; if we don’t get to some of the items, it’s not a biggie! (There’s no guarantee there will be enough snow for sledding or snow angels!) It’s centered around the family and Oden, so things like “make a batch of super boozy eggnog” didn’t make the cut. It also doesn’t include other traditions I’d like to start, like attending a church service to celebrate the reason for Christmas and participating in some kind of service act for those less fortunate than we are. Follow along this month as I share our experiences with you here. I’ll also share them on Instagram (#decembertoremember). Ho ho ho and here we go!

What are some of your favorite family traditions? Share with me!

Take a peek at last year’s Christmas here.









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