Bliss Bits 12/1/2017

Happy December, friends! We have a mere 31 days left in 2017. How crazy is that? This is such a special time of year, full of nostalgia and anticipation and love. We’ve had a challenging year, and I fully intend to embrace everything “holiday” this month and make the most of our moments. It’s not always easy; this week the Howe household was struck by illness. I got sick after Thanksgiving with a chest cold that’s lasted until, well, NOW. That day, Oden started throwing up. A couple of days later, John started throwing up. I learned a valuable and somewhat difficult lesson: moms don’t get to take sick days. Despite how yucky I felt myself, the boys needed care so I pushed through (and not very gleefully, let me tell you). It’s times like this that make you remember what matters most- health, family, being together, supporting one another. While I’m glad this tummy bug seems to be on its way out, I’ll try to keep that perspective through this insane, sparkling, stressful, glorious season and remind myself to pause to soak in bits of bliss. Here are a few things that have kept me smiling over the last couple of weeks!

Oden likes to wrap up his tiny animals and carry them around like babies. Where do they learn this?

Chicken tikka masala and garlic naan for the win!

Thank you, fermented grapes…

Stunning! A sunset view from our porch.

I coincidentally made nachos on National Nachos Day without knowing there was such a thing!

John’s dad (ABBA) came to visit!

We ended a great Italian meal with coffee, gelato, and wine. YES.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with these two.

Three generations of Howe boys!

He’s been toting around these plants lately. 

My favorite way to celebrate!

This escalated quickly. 

Oden had his first real snowy play day with Dada!

It tuckered him right out. How cute are his tiny long underwear?

Baby, it’s cold outside…


Made me laugh!

Chicken taco bowls with a side of baby monitor!

We’re very into hugging lately. He hugs his tower before knocking it over!

Not a baby anymore.

It’s like a toddler super power!

Trying to trace his hand for artwork.

My boys, serenading me!


Just playing with shapes while holding Bunny. Swoon.

Keeping watch over us all. 

A wild little turkey.

I prefer colored lights!

I made turkey stock from our bird

I used some in turkey soup when I wasn’t feeling so good. 

Snow does funky things sometimes!

The world stops when we hear an airplane!

Classic tomato basil soup and grilled cheese. Me time!

Snow is so pretty after the brown days of late fall.

Spotted at Walmart. I like the mustache!

A sweet Nativity toy set from my folks. 

Playing in my car 24-7. This one is a favorite!

Peeking out from under his Santa hat to watch The Grinch!

We’ve been enjoying the lights in the neighborhood already!

One year ago, Oden looked like this

Two years ago, he was baking away while we played in Charleston over Thanksgiving!

My belly didn’t get in the way of shooting skeet! I love it!

Three years ago, we enjoyed room service in a snow storm at Snowbird. 

Four years ago, we had a wonderful weekend in Marin County!

Five years ago, we had Thanksgiving in Durango with my folks. The Gobbler was born!

Six years ago, I was introduced to Big Survey Plantation with John’s family. 

Seven years ago, Julie and I surprised Ali for her birthday extravaganza!

And today is my sweet Mama’s birthday. Happiest birthday, Mom! Cheers to the year ahead!

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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