Bliss Bits 12/14/2017

What an interesting time of year we’re in! The days fly by and 2018 is knocking at the door. The to-do list is ever-growing. There are secret purchases being made and treasures being hidden with the hopes of bringing joy to our loved ones on Christmas day. This month, we listen to music we don’t normally listen to. We eat treats we don’t normally allow ourselves. We make more time for parties and friends and family, celebrating with songs and tokens of love and twinkling lights. So many lights! It really is pretty magical, despite the commercialism and pressure and stress that so often accompanies the holiday season. In our house, we are certainly not immune to the stress. I want The Magic for Oden and work harder behind the scenes for him to feel it. My reward is the smile on his little cherub face as he experiences these traditions for the first time. I’ll keep working on taking time to to pause, breathe, and enjoy the moments…because the joy of Christmas is not intended only for little kiddos! Here are a few of our recent joyful moments.

Our last snowstorm was December 5. We need more for a White Christmas!

All bundled up. When did he get so big? Oh, wait… he was always big…

This was fun!

Ladies’ night out to see Elf (Alison’s daughter was in the play!).

Who needs pants? Especially with slippers?

Snowy nose.

Cleaning out purses to donate, I found these shark’s teeth from S. Carolina!

Update: Oden likes marshmallows.

We got our tree! I’ll share more soon. Oden was quite helpful with clean-up!

There’s something adorable about a pear with tiny little bites taken out of it.

We’ve been loving the lights around the neighborhood!

Lots of classic Christmas specials being shown this month. The Grinch is by far Oden’s favorite!

PomPom Snowbunny, at your service.

Parachute time at Music Together class!

This picture kills me! Both boys looking shell-shocked after Oden met Santa. More soon!

I prefer color!

If not now, when?!

Candied bacon for Bourbon Bacon Pecan Brittle. Make it!

My little kitchen helper. Always curious.

Gravitates toward the sun like her mama.

This candle smells like the best Christmas tree in the universe.

My family decorating the tree.

One year ago, this is what Happy Hour looked like!

Two years ago, I made this fabulous cake for a dinner party…

…and was losing sight of my toes.

Three years ago, I was extraordinarily motivated to make Christmas goodies for gifts!

Four years ago, we had a big Christmas bash!

Five years ago, we had our first tree in our new house: Stewart.

Six years ago, baby Cholula was helping decorate John’s old house.

And today, I got out on the trail with Cholula for some much-needed mountain air. 

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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