Bliss Bits 9/23/2017

As I type, I am wearing jeans and a sweater and wondering where my favorite slippers are. It’s been dipping into the 20s at night and we’re getting used to the sound of the heater going on. There’s even snow in the mountains this morning! September always brings the first true cold snap. We usually get a few more weeks of warm-ish weather, but there’s no denying the change of season is upon us. This is the time of year when I get excited for everything cozy and wonder if I did enough to enjoy summertime. To quote Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss it.” This is particularly true when you have a child; I look back through “recent” photos and videos and can’t believe how much Oden has changed in just the last couple of months. It’s a good reminder to pause and enjoy what’s happening right now (something I am constantly working on). Here are some happy things in my life lately!

This squirrel cleaned out the bird feeders daily for a while. Hope his babies get fat this winter!

Such an interesting tie-dyed flower on my patio!

We ran into two moose a little bit later…

Sometimes squishing strawberries is more fun than eating them!

Big boy brushing his full mouth of teeth!

Fall on the trail.

Such a pretty (and delicious) salad! Me time.

He doesn’t get sweets very often and savored every slurp of this ice cream!

His little bird-watching perch in the window.

Fresh flowers in the house, always!

Fall is all of my favorite colors.

So proud of himself for stealing Mama’s hat and getting it onto his head (sort of!). 

Love in a Cheerio!

A special date with my husband, Steve Martin, and Martin Short. Amazingly talented!

These leaves aren’t green anymore.

Guys, he’s only 18 months old! 

He’s a MUCH better morning person than I am!

The most glorious thing about late summer. 

Last days of splash pad fun!

Oden has really been into artwork lately! Picking colors is important.

Feeding ducks with Dada.

Sometimes, you choose to rest during your baby’s nap instead of doing chores. 

Nightly bath scene.

Pure joy! So brave. 

Date night at a bar with a TV for the opening night of football season!

Gathering rocks to throw in the creek. 

I made tasty tomato-filled tarts… did you see them? 

We aren’t eating outside anymore. It’s one of our favorite things about summertime. 

Dreamboat. Make a wish!


Grilled chicken taco salad!

I love finding classic toys for Oden, even if he’s too young for them still! Remember this one?

I picked up some juicy summer peaches at the Farmers Market and froze them for winter treats.

An easy mess to clean up and toddler entertainment on a rainy day. 

These smelled incredible!

Family hike: Yay, fall!

Our first pumpkin of the year, held by my little pumpkin. 

After girls’ night out, we played tipsy boardgames with popcorn and champagne!

Soup season is upon us! This turned into corn chowder with bacon.

We are REALLY into diggers right now. 

Mornings with Daddy!

A glimpse of a playground dimple!

Heirloom tomato avocado smash toast at the Rose Establishment in SLC. Yum. 

Oden went to the open house at the Fire Station!

Crockpot pulled pork sammies for dinner last night. 

When Mama discovers that Daddy gave Oden blackberries for breakfast!

One year ago, we were soaking in some Kauai sunshine with my folks!

Two years ago, it was rain or shine for the Mark Knopfler concert. 

Three years ago, we spent the day with friends at Rockport Reservoir (aka “Rockapulco”).

Four years ago, I was this close to the Black Crowes. Swoon.

Five years ago, Amanda and I were in Carmel for a trip together before my wedding!

Six years ago, I was in California remembering a favorite toy from childhood.

And today, we had to bundle up for our outdoor activity! Brrr!

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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