Two Autumn Hikes

We’ve had something of an Indian summer in Park City recently. Visually, it’s definitely fall– gold and orange and brick red hillsides are nearly past their vibrant prime. But the warmth of the late September sunshine on my skin definitely feels like summer isn’t ready to leave the party! That combination makes for some pretty spectacular hiking, and I’ve explored a couple of new trails in the last week or two.

Last weekend, John showed me a trailhead in the neighborhood next to ours. We took a short family hike through red oak and maple and I was struck by the view. John pointed out where different parts of the trail led, some down into a valley (which was actually Toll Canyon, another favorite hike) and some up and past a water tower to the popular Mid-Mountain Trail. Though I’d hiked in the Pinebrook neighborhood often, this perspective was new to me- and it was lovely!

IMG_1616 IMG_1615 IMG_1619 IMG_1637

A couple of days later, Cholula and I returned to the water tower trail and set off to explore. The sun was hot but most of the trail was protected and shady. My goal was to reach the Mid-Mountain Trail, which I believed was just a few switchbacks up the hill, and check out the view of the other side. We hiked and hiked, curving upward and over and down and around, assuming we’d reach the point where the trails crossed any minute.

IMG_1652 IMG_1654 IMG_1656 IMG_1658 IMG_1660 IMG_1661 IMG_1662 IMG_1664 IMG_1666

It turns out that I was ON the Mid-Mountain Trail for most of the hike without realizing it, and my “quick jaunt” in the hills turned into a decent five mile trek. And the views I was hoping for? Dazzling!

IMG_1669 IMG_1672 IMG_1677 IMG_1678 IMG_1680 IMG_1682 IMG_1683 IMG_1685

This past Sunday, on our way to join some friends at a nearby reservoir, John and I drove up to Empire Pass to see the colors. Last year’s leaf-peeping excursion was incredible- the wet summer had left us with one of the most colorful autumns in recent memory. We had a lot less rain this year, so there was a lot less color, but it’s still gorgeous. We even snagged a couple of baby bump shots while enjoying the view. Hello, Baby Howe!

IMG_1776 P1220868 P1220869 P1220870 P1220871 P1220873 IMG_1779 P1220878 P1220880 P1220881 P1220884 P1220886 IMG_1768 IMG_1767IMG_1764

It was so beautiful at that high elevation that I decided to return with Cholula mid-week for a quiet hike. I accessed a trail John had pointed out a little ways below the pass. Cholula and I meandered in and out of pines and aspen groves. The trail zigzagged through Deer Valley Resort’s ski runs, now grassy fields with the last of summer’s wildflowers here and there. Cholula barked at the obviously intimidating chair lifts overhead and chased field mice and chipmunks. Even though I wasn’t at a summit, I had a great view of the top of the pass and Park City below.

P1220890 P1220891 P1220893 IMG_1802 P1220894 IMG_1805 IMG_1801 P1220897 P1220895 P1220898 P1220899 P1220901 P1220902 P1220903 P1220904 P1220907

When the chair lifts proved to be too scary, we hopped back in the car to enjoy the last of the aspens over Empire Pass. Before heading back through Park City toward home, I turned down the road toward Midway on a whim. The road was covered in aspen leaves, still fluttering down off of the trees. I spied a semi-hidden trail sign, pulled over, and Cholula and I were off exploring once again. The “trail” was just an old dirt road, winding through grassy pastures and aspen groves. At the lower elevation, the trees were bare, but it was still beautiful. The light was somehow warm and golden, even mid-day.

IMG_1807 P1220909 IMG_1809 IMG_1810P1220914 P1220915 P1220911 P1220919 P1220918P1220910

As I strolled through the naked trees, I realized that our Indian summer would come to an abrupt end soon. The first legitimate snowfall will happen by Halloween. I made myself a promise to explore these areas when the trails were covered in snow and drove home, grateful for these beautiful playgrounds all around me.

Happy October!

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  1. Congrats, Amber! I know this has been a long time coming. Your photos, as always, are simply amazing. You and John look positively glow-y. 😀

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