Right now, I’m…

A while back, I enjoyed compiling little lists of the intentions I had for the upcoming season (see a couple here and here). I thought I’d do something similar with regular posts that share what’s currently going on. As I’ve found is the case with many features on this site, it will be fun to look back on what daily life was like, and see how it shifted from week to week! So today, I’m…

Watching: The finale of Big Little Lies. The series definitely drew us in. Plus, I love Reese Witherspoon! Also, we can’t wait for more This is Us.

Reading: Drew Barrymore’s “Wildflower” and Touchpoints: Birth to Three Years. I’m attempting to read actual books, which I adore but don’t seem to make time for these days!

Inspired by: An elderly woman I observed while checking out at the grocery store today. She was reading greeting cards with such joy- throw-your-head-back laughter– that it made me smile, too! I was also moved by this post. Find joy!

Eating: Whatever is on today’s meal-planner! This week’s favorites have been Thai Chicken Salad and sheet-pan nachos.

Anxious about: Expanding our family in the next year!

Reminiscing about: Many precious moments from the last year, because I finally downloaded all of the footage from our GoPro! Oden’s birth, Amanda’s and John’s family’s visit, Oden’s first camping trips, Kauai with the grandparents, and more…amazing memories!

Anticipating: Springtime camping trips! Come on, SUNSHINE! It’s almost time to un-winterize Willie the Camper (and sell Betty the Trailer, I’m sad to say…)!

Focusing on: Finding balance, maintaining patience, and reacting with LOVE first. Toddlers are willful as they discover their world!

Celebrating: Every new green thing I see re-emerging in the yard. Oden loves plants, too, and we take little nature walks around the house. He points at everything and I’m trying to teach him about spring and renewal.

Loving: Oden’s new wagon, complete with seatbelts, a shade canopy, and drink-holders for Mom and Dad! Many springtime happy hour wagon walks are in our future. Oden simply prefers to be outside!

Especially grateful for: John, who let me sleep late both days this weekend! I’m much nicer with that extra hour or two of shut-eye.

*Keep an eye out for more posts like this, coming soon!*



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