Bliss Bits 7/24/2017

Oh, HELLO. A whole month since my last post! Life just keeps rolling on, doesn’t it? Truthfully, I’ve started compiling photos for a Bliss Bits a few times, but then I’d have a really bad day and it felt like I was faking it- pretending that everything is always rainbows and wildflowers and happy babies and smiling husbands. Obviously, it simply cannot be true. Our family is just like anyone else’s; we have periods of joy and periods of struggle, and we’re trying to figure it out as we go along. Some things need constant attention and flexibility: marriage, work, parenthood, toddler madness. It’s caught up with me lately, leaving me drained and needing a recharge in a major way. But today, as I scrolled through the last few weeks of photos, instead of seeing all of those stressful moments when I thought I would lose my mind, I saw things that made me happy and that I really want to remember. As we continue to work on figuring out a sense of balance within our daily lives, I realize (yet again) that those rough patches are the best times to focus on the good stuff. Let me share some of mine with you!

Raspberry loves you.

We visit the Farmers Market every Wednesday and Bear always joins us!

Happy front stoop.

Grits n’ eggs at Silver Star Cafe. Side: Dining with a toddler is challenging!

A cool, green patch of life.

Heart rock!

Daddy built a fort while Mommy was sleeping.

Bath time bliss! Splashing Mama is his favorite!


This kid adores any and all flowers!

*Never forget this moment.*

Sometimes a girl just needs a strong, pink drink!

My boys. My heart.

Sushi and sake for date night!

What a view for ladies’ dinner out!

You guys, he’s holding a flower. Swoon!

I hung the plate Amanda made for Oden above my vintage flower drawing. I love it.

Precious artwork for Father’s Day!

“Seriously, Mom?”

Al fresco dining! Burgers and corn… summer yum!

He’s only 16 months old…

We hiked to Bloods Lake. Do you see Cholula?

A delicious little lobster taco at Fletcher’s.

View from the front yard.

These two are in cahoots! Trouble ahead.

A quiet moment with lukewarm coffee during nap time.

Oden cracks himself up. I love his sense of humor!

Things I find in my dining room.

My handsome date at the Waldorf Astoria.

Butterfly in the backyard.

En route to Oden’s first parade on the 4th of July!

Stacy and I grew up with each other, meeting when we were younger than our babies are now!

This photo was an accident but I kind of love it.


The way he looks at his Dada makes me melt.

Relics spotted in a Utah desert rest stop!

A vintage Scrabble board from my grandparents’ house. It spins!

Bath time happened in the kiddie pool at Grandma and Grandpa’s house!

We’re on a boat!

Rare precious moments with Sarah. She moves back to the U.S. by year’s end!

I’m so honored to have my grandparents’ credenza in my dining room. Isn’t it stunning?

Tiny trailside nest with tiny trailside eggs.

Made for my toddler.

The umbrellas are a game-changer for the back patio.

Happy little naked gardener!

Oden adores Sydney!

Date night selfie.

This is his, “Are you gonna come get me?” look.

One year ago, we flew across the country to introduce Oden to his Eastern roots and meet family!

Two years ago, I suppose I took Oden on his first boat ride (in my belly).

Three years ago, we spent a glorious weekend in Bear Valley, California with dear friends!

Four years ago, I was delighted to have Sarah on my patio couch. 

Five years ago, this was my view from my kitchen sink. 

Six years ago, John called me a chicken and it made me follow him into a frigid alpine lake. 

Seven years ago, I was fishing with my folks on Haviland Lake!

And yesterday, Oden had some pretty fabulous brunch hair. 

You know. Just the usual bliss. 

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