July wildflowers: Road to Wos Loop

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Before our trips to Jackson and Bear Valley, Cholula and I spent a quiet morning on our current favorite hiking trail: The Road to Wos in Summit Park. This time of year, it’s too hot to hike behind the house on the south-facing hillsides. Across the valley, the tall pines provide a welcome coolness with their generous shade, and the trail winds through vibrant fields of wildflowers. A friendly mountain biker asked if I’d like a photo with Cholula at a view spot, and she actually looked at the camera! I spied our neighborhood through the trees and found a little love near my toes. Cholula zig-zagged joyfully through Indian paintbrush, columbine, and sweet pea. I spent the hour it took us to hike the (almost) 3-mile loop listening to the song of summer’s birds and feeling grateful for these trails.

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