Chevy Chase lives in my backyard.

Is it weird to give names to squirrels?

Because it would seem that our rock wall and the ‘Stairs to Nowhere’ have become quite a comfortable home for a family of Uinta ground squirrels (yes, I looked it up).

And we named them.

Here is the Daybreaker Squirrel Condominium Complex.


Before we knew that they were squirrels (where is their bushy tail?!), we thought they might be gophers. “I’m Alright” by Kenny Loggins was now stuck in my head as John and I tossed quotes from Caddyshack back and forth. Gophers, squirrels- the names are good, regardless of species.

Meet The Judge. He seems most concerned with our presence. He’s got an eye on us. No funny business.



Up above we have Rodney. He sits out in the sun, oblivious, clearly not caring what we think of him.


And then Noonan and Chevy, who seem to be partners in crime. I mean, just look at them. Trouble with a capital T.


I’ve only seen four, but I’m really hoping there are more. Because I’m dying to name one Bill Murray. John said he saw a tiny one- a BABY. (I can pretty much hear my Mom clapping from here.)

With the elk herd that frequents our hills and the red fox who came to visit the other morning, it’s basically Wild Kingdom in our backyard. I imagine myself like Cinderella, friend of all animals, BFFs with any creature who wants to hang out with me. (In reality, I’m the crazy lady taking photos of the rodents that will eventually eat her garden.)

But how cute is a tiny squirrel baby going to be?

Happy Summer Solstice! Stay tuned for details from my picnic under the stars tonight!


  1. omg, you are hilarious! Again, reassuring to know that I’m not the only crazy one! I have to wonder, have we always been this crazy? For me, it seems so…as I’ll talk to, feed, and befriend just about any critter that crosses my path. This was apparently the case since I was able to talk. I know, I need a life. We should’ve been vets. Anyway, you can be the squirrel lady…and I’ll begrudgingly be the cat lady…for now.

    1. Do you know what scene I mean? Hair flowing, singing a lovely lilting melody, a bird fluttering in and landing on her extended finger, mice creating an incredible dress… OMG so funny!

  2. All that’s missing is a catchy song and some cartoon mice to help stitch you a gown. Too cute! Also, can’t believe I’m saying this, but Rodney is adorable.

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