Easy like Sunday morning.

Something weird happened today. I inexplicably woke up at 7am. (We’ve been over this.) I decided to go with it, and snuck quietly out of bed, leaving my two loved ones snoozing away (both snoring slightly). I made coffee (duh) and settled in on the couch. The living room was really lovely in the morning sunlight. A cup of joe, a throw blanket. My scene looked like this. I love that you can see the puppy toys strewn around the floor, the []

Who I used to be.

One year ago this month, I was escorted out of my office by the HR Director. I had considered him a friend, and had certainly clinked beer bottles a time or two with him. But now, he couldn’t meet my eyes as he sheepishly offered to carry one of the two cardboard boxes that held the only memories I wished to take with me after nearly a decade of work. I know, pretty dramatic. In reality, it was simply standard procedure after []

Feliz, indeed.

It started with a Mexican-inspired breakfast burrito. It continued with delectable margaritas. There were some chips and salsa in the sunshine with latino music wafting from inside. We saluted our favorite condiment and inspiration for our dog’s name, an import from Mexico. Our festive day proceeded with fajitas. Delish. And then, the finale (however you say that in Spanish): Any day that ends with churros and cinnamon ice cream counts as a GOOD DAY for me. Salud!

Sun and moon.

Yesterday afternoon was glorious from the deck. A few weeks ago, I ordered some adirondack chairs made from wine barrels. They finally arrived! John thought he’d screw a couple of pieces together, and kick it with a cocktail in time for sunset. Well, it took a bit longer than expected. First, he accidentally opened the bag of screws into the big box full of packing peanuts. That game of hide-and-seek took some time, and then the directions weren’t very clear. It took []

Ramble on.

Hit the road, Jack. Sayonara, sweetheart. Adios, amigos… However you want to say it, it’s about time to load up the iPod with good tunes, grab the ragged stack of map books, stock up on snacks, and add some miles to the odometer! You’ve met Betty. Well, she’s been resting for many months, but I think she’s feeling the itch, too. Today I gave her the trailer equivalent of a day at the spa. I opened the door and windows to air []

Two birds with one (pizza) stone.

Maybe I need more coffee in my life. Since compiling my Life List about a week ago, it’s been interesting to see how motivated I feel about some of the things… and how disappointed in myself I can quickly get about others. I’m not talking about running 10 miles or learning to speak Italian. I’m talking about things like ‘wake up earlier’ or ‘drink more water.’ What is it about the easy things that seem difficult? Instead of getting discouraged, I kindly []

They add up.

It really is about the little things. Today has been full of small, good things that come together in one big ‘Happy Thursday’ party. John not only made coffee for me before I was out of bed, but took this energetic beast for a trail run this morning. He sent me this shot mid-hike. I enjoyed pretty, newly-pedicured toes (long overdue) and fresh potted flowers. I cheered for the home team in my bedazzled shirt. I updated my Photo-a-Day page, and knocked []

Some things don’t change.

Do you ever have those moments where you recall something a few years back, and think, ‘Wow, things have really changed!’? For awhile on Facebook, everyone was posting ‘25 things’ about themselves. I hopped on the bandwagon sometime in January 2009. I took a look over what I wrote three years ago, and it was interesting to read what my 2009 self had to say about…well, myself. So many massive changes have happened in my life over the last few years that []

Mayday, mayday.

I’m pretty excited about the month of May. For me, it marks the last bits of spring and is a prelude to all of the joys that summer brings. Today also marks the first day of the Photo-a-Day challenge with the prompt, “Peace.” Check it out here. (For more information on the challenge, go here.) Participating in the photo challenge is part of my Life List. I love changing the font to indicate ‘in progress.‘ Another item on the list is to []

Love letter.

I got a love letter in the mail today. While John was in Alaska on his heli-ski trip last week, he thought to pick up a card, write words of love, and drop it in the snail mail, knowing the smile it would bring to my face when I discovered it in the mailbox. He addressed it using my future last name, the one I’ll have when I am his wife. He was right about the smile.