My lucky day.

I have a huge smile on my face, despite the insane amount of things to accomplish today.

I returned home yesterday from 5 days on a stunning lake. (More to come about that.) Road-weary and ready to put my feet up, I instead made a massive grocery run, made two homemade key lime pies, and shucked 25 ears of corn. I fell asleep before I finished my wine.

Today, I woke up with my to-list flashing in my head. 40 people will be here at 6:30pm and my ambitious menu requires FOCUS! An anxious, stressful feeling started to creep up behind me. And then I saw it.

My 100th follower.Β 

Please visit Shannon over at Dirt N KidsΒ and thank her for making my day!Β 

I love champagne on a Tuesday.


  1. Go you! And let the record state that I am pro champagne ANY day of the week. Enjoy the holiday; it will all come together, I’m sure of it πŸ˜‰

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