Big skies.

Montana isn’t the only place with a “big sky.”

When I went to college in Colorado, I remember having to be pulled from the window one early morning of orientation. I was just in awe of how BIG the sky looked. Big and blue. Of course, my native Southern California has sky, too- but it felt clearer and unobstructed and somehow a lot more vast in the mountains. I felt littler, just a part of something bigger. My perspective in the world was altered going forward.

After spending multiple days under the sun, moon, and stars of Montana, I came home to the first afternoon thunderstorms in Utah this week. My eyes have been skyward for the last couple of days.










I like knowing I’m still as in awe of the big old sky as I was the first time it struck me, 19 years ago.

Do you remember to look UP?

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  1. I do this a lot… more at night because I know that my parents and family are looking at the same stars as me. That was something my grandmother and me always did. Looked at the same stars at night and wished each other goodnight. 🙂
    Btw are you on FB???

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