Bliss Bits 2/17/2018 (HOLIDAY EDITION!)

Well, I’m still playing catch-up from the holiday season, so forgive me for these belated bits of Christmas bliss! Despite how challenging things continue to be each day (yesterday, my glass oven door shattered!), I do feel like I have my head above water and can look around at the blessings in my life. I didn’t feel that way earlier this year, so we’re making progress! When I look at these photos, I know my memories of Christmas 2017 will be happy ones. Thanks for letting me share my joyful moments with you!

He stole candy canes off of Merlin the Tree all season long.

There’s bourbon bacon brittle in there!

I found some fun vintage holiday decor items this year, like this skiing Santa.


But his hair! I adore his crazy curls.

Sunlight on the baby Jesus.

Packages from Santa getting sent in the mail.

Beautiful Christmas flowers from my sister-in-law in North Carolina!

Gifts didn’t really stay under the tree this year. Oden found other places for them.

Snowy golf course morning.

Joy. (And some gifts we hid up high so Oden would stop relocating them!)

Some soothing piano playing after being slightly traumatized by a Grinch!

Spotted at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Special seasonal decor.

Prepping cookies for decorating as a family!

Please note the candy cane cookie by Oden’s foot that he munched on while decorating.

I am biased, but isn’t he just the cutest thing?!

Christmas Eve family selfie!

Our last holiday season at this special house.

The boys playing in the corner while Cholula naps.

Merry merry merry!

Yeti wrapping paper!


Christmas Eve dinner after Oden went to sleep.

John made his scrumptious spicy shrimp pasta for us.

Santa left Oden some awesome toys! He was mostly good this year.

The bike was a huge hit. The wonder of a child is so magical.


Mama got a bike, too!

My boys.

A white Christmas!

Christmas morning cinnamon rolls.


We usually do caviar but this year, it was yummy smoked salmon!

Retro toys for Oden that I also had as a child!

Christmas is John’s birthday. Oden helped decorate a pan of brownies for Dada.

Not enough candles but still pretty!

Christmas didn’t end there. My folks arrived the next day!

My mom used pinecones for decorations on gifts. I love it.

We set the camera on a chair for a dinner table family photo!

Oden and “Uma” have lots of fun together!

Munching fake corn because, why not?

A homemade pie made with apples from my parents’ trees for John.

Their last time staying at the old house. Good memories here!

I took myself out for lunch on my birthday. It’s right after New Year’s!

I went in for a salad but opted for a birthday burger, instead.

We went out for fondue that night. It was so delicious!

Making wishes for the year ahead.

Last Christmas, Oden looked like this

Two years ago, he was making ME look like this.

Three years ago, Santa had a little too much eggnog.

Four years ago, we went bowling on Christmas Eve with my family.

Five years ago, I made John a homemade vanilla cake with vanilla pods from Tahiti.

Six years ago, we found the CRAZY house in our Salt Lake City neighborhood.

Seven years ago, John and I got each other the same book for Christmas!

And this photo has nothing do to with Christmas, but it’s me with an Annie perm in preschool. It makes me happy. You’re welcome. 

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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  1. I’m so happy to see posts from you again Amber! It broke my heart to read that things have been so rough. My friend will occasionally ask me “so what are John and Amber up to?” because he knows how much I enjoy seeing your latest adventures! You have friends you don’t even know sending you good vibes – keep looking for those moments of bliss, they’re out there! ☺️ Love from Montana!

    1. This is such a sweet comment! I’m so glad you said something. I love learning that people I don’t know are connecting with something I’m posting. It would be wonderful to meet sometime – we love Montana!

    1. We will take you up on that info this summer. We have friends who are moving to Bozeman this month and we’ve spent a lot of time up there- just love it! Our favorite spot is Cliff Lake but that was pre-Oden…!

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