Bliss Bits 2/22/2018

Happy Thursday! Who’s ready for the weekend? We’re trying to stay warm in Park City with a cold snap bringing temperatures below ZERO this week. We tried out our new fireplace and popped popcorn and are enjoying pretty much any activity that keeps us indoors (while simultaneously tiring out a Toddler Tornado!). We continue to tuck our belongings away in this house, finding just the right places for all of our treasures. It’s a process and the unsettled feeling isn’t my favorite. But even on the longest days (hello, 5:30am wake-ups), I’m moving toward consistent gratitude again. I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it. It truly makes these cold winter days brighter. Thanks for being here!

New house!

Related: I’m never moving again.

We keep finding all sorts of interesting things around the new place!

Does that stack of boxes give you an anxiety attack? Thank GOD for my mom.

Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok.

Life mantra!

The first music played in the house was Neil Young on vinyl. Perfect.

The previous owner loves birds like I do. There are birdhouses everywhere.

My grandmother’s china has been in boxes since Grandpa gave it to me…until now!

Moving is hard for everyone. I’m glad morning snuggles haven’t changed.

Epic bed head!

We’ve enjoyed some new friends in the backyard pretty often!

The new #viewfromtheporch.

I cooked! I made a variation of this orzo recipe. Yum!

Oden has an adorable playhouse in the yard. I can see it from the kitchen sink.

A new chair for his new play space.

Cold snap!

I have been sick a LOT since Thanksgiving. This soup at Five Seeds is good medicine.

“I do it!” This big boy is not a baby anymore. Sniff sniff.

Play dough is a thing these days!

Elmo gets hungry, too.

My friend Beth brought over the fixings for BBQ chicken salad when I was sick.

Oden helped me style my bookshelves.

My parents finally came in to save us because I got so sick. Yay for Uma and Papa!

Not blissful: After weeks of bronchitis, it developed into pneumonia. Boo!

Downtime in bed gave me the chance to send our holiday/change of address cards.

This house has tons of light for my plant babies.

You’re not surprised that Oden likes ribs, are you? Super Bowl munchies!

Our team didn’t win, but the cupcakes were good!

Mom made bacon-wrapped tater tots which is why she is the best mom ever.

My parents helped us break in our new kitchen table and chairs!

Sad to see them go. Oden is a lucky kiddo!

A trip to Home Depot is an adventure, thanks to the special kiddie cart!

We took a family hike up the hill behind the house and viewed all of Park City.

(Almost) always smiling. He loves being outside!

Oden’s dedicated play area is pretty complete and I love it. So does he!

Watching the snow fall.

Toddler food.

Scenes from the teepee.

Different sunset view.

Slowly but surely, finding places for precious things.

Doggie gifts for John from Santa. The portrait is from artLaBeau.

An early Valentine’s Day dinner.

He found the spot to see who’s coming to the door.

A Valentine’s Day hike with this little love.

Daddy was out of town, so Oden and I had a special activity!

Oden’s handiwork. Beautiful! The best part was eating our creations, OBVI.

We learned to put our head down in the bath. He sings when his ears are underwater.

Creating a home.

Truth: I’m dreaming of spring.

Cute house! Cute dog! The yard sold us on this house.

I cooked again! Peanut tofu rice bowl with chickpeas and roasted broccoli.

Big snow.

As a mom, I relate to this now!

Things I want to remember.

We visited the bookstore on a recent snow day. 

It’s all about the eyes!

Wood beams and pine trees.

Blocks in front of the fireplace.

I took myself to breakfast. Deer Valley Grocery and Cafe is a gem!

I love the view through the trees from our bathroom.

Heart-shaped banana!

One year ago, my little nugget looked like this. 

Two years ago, I was in the ER with a respiratory infection and broken ribs! De ja vu.

Three years ago, I made homemade graham hearts and spicy pudding for my Valentine.

Four years ago, I was on bedrest, praying for a miracle after our first IVF experience.

Five years ago, I found my favorite restaurant in Park City!

Six years ago, we moved from Salt Lake City to Park City. 

Seven years ago, I made pork chile verde for Super Bowl!

And today, I’m into some random acts of kindness.

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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