Comfort and joy.

Yesterday, I awoke to a chilly, blue sky day.


But after a couple of hours, it looked like this.


There’s nothing like a lazy, snowy Sunday in December– the football games on in the background, feeling warm and cozy indoors while fat flakes fall gently outside. Lazy Sundays are for staying in bed a tad longer, for magazines in front of the fireplace, for slippers and nubby throw blankets, for pots of tasty chowder on the stove.


John was less lazy. He rose before daylight to play in the snow for real, at Snowbird Resort. I was content in my toasty abode, but it’s hard to stay inside when you have a four-legged beast that adores snow. So I pulled on my furry snow-walk boots and headed out into what was becoming a winter wonderland.


We simply strolled around the neighborhood, the snowflakes fluttering down for light kisses on my cheeks and Cholula’s nose buried in drift after drift. It was a blast!


Back inside, I put on a pot of hot tea and got ready for the BIG EVENT of the afternoon: trimming the Christmas tree.


Last week, we headed down to our favorite tree lot, full of trees from a family-run farm in Montana. They have trees of every shape and size– the wide, bushy kind, the tall, spindly kind, the kind with long pine needles, monster trees that would only fit on top of a tour bus, and the short, fat, little guys. I want to hug them all.


With 25-foot ceilings in our new home, we decided to try a new type of tree- a taller, slimmer kind with sparse branches vs. bushy and dense. We found The Perfect Tree pretty quickly and on the way home, we came up with the perfect name for it. Tall and lanky at Christmas? Jimmy Stewart, of course. He seemed right at home in our living room. A ladder helped John dazzle him up with twinkly lights and a star, and there he sat, sparkling but ornament-less- until yesterday.


I love opening the boxes of ornaments, letting daylight hit the little treasures of holidays past after a year on a shelf in the garage. I couldn’t help singing along to the Christmas classics that played while I set the scene for tree-trimming.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


Sleigh bells ring…are you listening?


The reason we waited to decorate the tree is because we CANNOT do it without eggnog.  After filling our glasses, we got to work, starting from the tippy top and working our way down. Each old ornament that was re-discovered prompted a smile and a memory. Many new decorations added to the fun, like our shiny trailer park. When we were finished, Jimmy Stewart was dazzling- and a perfect representation of the two of us.


The sun now sleeping for the evening, I headed for my happy place (especially on a lazy Sunday)- the kitchen. Our menu tonight: Curried Potato-Shrimp Chowder with crusty bread for dipping. I’ve made this chowder before, back in September, and it has become one of John’s favorites. (Please visit Posie Gets Cozy to see what comfort and joy REALLY looks like. I adore this blog.) As the soup simmered away, John shoveled a path through the new layer of sparkling snow outside. There’s nothing quite so comforting as a hot bowl of delicious chowder to warm you up after some time in the snow.


We clinked our glasses and dunked the crusty bread, the gorgeous tree glowing behind us. We admired our handiwork- Jimmy Stewart was truly decked out for the season.


And then we headed downstairs to cuddle up and watch the end of Sunday Night Football, snowflakes floating to the ground outside the window. Merry and bright. Comfort and joy. 

That’s what a lazy Sunday in December is for.  


  1. JIMMY STEWART! That man brings about such feelings of joy. I couldn’t have picked a better name myself for something tall, lanky, and full of good cheer. Jimmy looks great all done up 🙂

  2. Your house looks BEAUTIFUL! Want to let a Minnesota girl come live with you? I’m hearty and I know how to shovel! 😉 I loved this post. My man loves Christmas more than anything, so it’s so awesome to see other couples who make the most of the season.

    1. We moved in last February, almost a year ago (gasp!). It was ALMOST done being built! You must have snow by now in Minnesota… we are ready for the BIG DUMP (hehe). My new hubby’s birthday is Christmas Day so it’s a big deal in this household! There’s something magical about it!

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