Wintertime intentions.

Happy New Year!

A few words on one of my favorite blogs caught my eye this week: Wintertime is for dreaming. It’s been unusually cold in Park City, with temps at night dipping below zero occasionally and days never breaking 15 degrees. It makes it easy to hunker down and enjoy some peace and quiet (with some frigid snowy hikes thrown in for good measure). With the Christmas madness behind us, life has slowed way down- which coincides perfectly with my energy level at 31 weeks pregnant. We have New Year’s Eve plans with dear old friends and a birthday getaway for this mama-to-be over the weekend. Next week, we get to celebrate Baby Howe with family and friends at our Baby Bash (already!). Other than that, we’re dreaming… about the nursery as it slowly comes together, about the year ahead which will look so very different than years past, and about this beloved baby who will soon be in our arms (!!). The New Year is a time of reflection, optimism, transition and progress. While we excitedly look ahead, we’ll also be looking inward, enjoying this opportunity to press the pause button before a new chapter begins in our lives. Here’s what winter might look like over here…

Eating: Whatever baby wants, in small amounts! Mostly that means Honeycrisp apples, peanut butter, dill pickle chips, ice cold milk, and any and all desserts within a 5-mile radius. Oh, and Tums. Lots of Tums.

Drinking: Festive mocktails, but dreaming of my beloved glasses of wine and cups of strong black coffee. Soon!

IMG_3786 IMG_3741 IMG_3641 IMG_3675

Playing: With Cholula as much as possible! She deserves tons of love as the first baby of the family and I want to be sure she feels super loved before and after baby arrives.

Growing: Larger by the minute! I have a new respect for my body and its capabilities. Baby only has about 9 more weeks to bake!

IMG_3775 IMG_3473IMG_3665 IMG_3647_2

Making: Unending lists. What to put in my hospital bag, who to write thank you notes, to-do before baby arrives, questions for our doula, playlists for labor…

Watching: X Files, Breaking Bad (finally), Vinyl. The baby moving as my belly undulates like the ocean. Oh, let’s not forget the snow reports and the premiere of Newborn Baby TV (look at the baby look at the baby).


Wondering: If this little nugget in my belly is a boy or a girl! Any guesses?

Finishing: Baby Howe’s nursery. I love our mellow adventure/mountain theme!

Missing: Sleep. It’s been elusive for weeks and weeks, and clearly will be a thing of the past shortly.

Walking: As much as possible to alleviate back pain and keep my booty in check!

ImageIMG_3805IMG_1813IMG_3785 P1230895

Enjoying: Pampering of any kind, in the form of prenatal massage, pedicures, warm baths, mid-day naps, snuzzles from Cholula and John, etc.

Wearing: Anything that still fits over the bump, which means soft maternity sweaters, dresses, leggings, and John’s clothes. (Thanks, sweetie!)

Loving: My husband. He is patient, strong, supportive, obvious with his love, and super excited to be a Daddy. Oh, and he gives me unprompted back/foot rubs and never laughs at my waddling, preggo brain moments, inexplicable meltdowns, or constant burping. In fact, he tells me I’m beautiful constantly. Cue tears.

IMG_3538 IMG_3756 IMG_3530 P1240136 IMG_8912

Welcoming: Friends and family from near and far in a week to celebrate Baby Howe’s impending arrival! Joy!

Traveling: In my imagination. We’ll be close to home until spring, at least!

Anticipating: A house full of family, friends, and laughter next weekend for a belated holiday celebration and baby shower fun! A calm before the storm of the last days of pregnancy. What our labor and delivery experience will be like. Bringing home our sweet little peanut for the first time! Working out a routine as new and clueless parents.

Exploring: Mellow trails with an infant carrier full of baby. If I know myself, hiking will be our sanity-saving activity!

Celebrating: A belated Christmas, a new year, my 41st birthday, and a new family member.

Cherishing: These last weeks with this big Buddha belly. Trials and all, I have adored being pregnant. I’ve been in awe at the daily changes my body makes to accommodate for this little one. I’ll miss it!

IMG_3483 IMG_3434_2 P1240092

Practicing: Letting go of my need to feel in control. Those days are numbered. This is a challenge for me! Breathe.

Praying: For a healthy baby, peace, courage, and acceptance for whatever comes our way during labor, delivery, and new parenthood!

Repeating: My mantra for the year. JUST BE. Be present, be in the moment, be me.

Feeling: Scared, excited, exhausted, sore, healthy, abundant, ready, not ready, giddy, anxious, and utterly grateful.

What are your intentions this winter?

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  2. Beautiful and Loving Your Captures 🙂 I am going to say Baby Howe is a girl and that the two of you are blessed with a healthy baby girl or boy – going to be great parents and Choula a great big sister – a family. Happy 2016 and Here’s to Adventuring Along!!!

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