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Do you ever have those stretches of time where it feels like you’re going non-stop, but can’t remember what you were doing? Somehow, it’s almost February and I found myself wondering what filled the last few weeks. We haven’t really done much, have we? I looked back through my photos to jog my memory (MOM BRAIN) and it turns out, we’ve been pretty busy. Here’s what we have been up to lately!

I realize that we are well into the New Year, but I just adore these photos. Each stage with a baby seems to fly by! Oden entertained his mama by being ADORABLE on New Year’s Day. I love that you can see so many sides of his jovial personality. What a wonderful way to kick off a new year!

nyodencollage nyoden2-collage

Weeks ago, we went on a walk with some friends who have twins and stuffed all three babies into their sled. It was so much fun to be out with kiddos and dogs in the snow that I bought the same sled for Oden. He just kicks it and enjoys the ride, and Cholula and Mama get a little fresh air. We can’t wait to tug him behind our new cross-country skis!

img_5772 img_6443 img_6445 img_7011 fullsizerender img_7024

Oden is ON THE MOVE, people. Crawling fast as lightning. Pulling up on everything. Reaching for everything dangerous, particularly the things I say “NO” to. We’ve been setting up new play areas and baby-proofing along the way, and enjoying the last couple of places where he’s actually contained!

img_6329 img_6495 img_6761 img_7043 img_7059

Big O had his first bath with Mama in the Wok and he loves it! We try to make it a weekly thing. It’s clear he’s going to be a water baby. He wants me to pour water over his head!

img_6227 img_9691 img_6351

Holy snow year, Batman! It won’t stop! It’s been a frigid winter wonderland this year, and it makes me super grateful for things like a garage to park in, hard-working people who plow our driveway, and our heated floors. Brrr. John even hiked up and skied our back hill the other day, which he’s only been able to do one other year since we built this house! (Look closely for Cholula, bounding along behind Papa!)

img_6455 img_6521 img_6555 img_6679

Despite the cold, I’ve been getting out with Cholula on the powdery trails. The sky looks bluer with fresh white snow and the crisp air is invigorating. I even snagged a date with John for a hike (followed by a margarita!).

img_6634 img_6646 img_6659 img_6826 img_6843

Have I cooked anything lately? Sure! I’ve busted out some homemade meals here and there, and I’m getting back into the groove of cooking. The key: planning ahead! (Also helpful: pre-made meals that I can add fresh ingredients to.)

img_6145 img_6209 img_6314 img_6370 img_6397

John’s brother and nephew came to visit from New Jersey! It snowed a bunch and they got some great ski days in. Perry was able to meet his cousin, Oden (he was at camp during our summer visit). Their stay was too short but super sweet!

img_6517 img_6516 img_6619

We said goodbye to my sweet Grandpa. He lived a long 92 years and I’m so thankful I had 42 years with him! I sure will miss those almost-too-hard bear hugs! Such amazing memories.

img_6465 img_6466 img_6467

This year’s Sundance Film Fest is almost a non-event for us. No star-stalking, no celebrity run-ins, no parties, no friends in town. We had a scheduling conflict during one movie. Another was canceled by the producers because it wasn’t ready to show. Another overlapped with a movie we’d rather see so we sold the tickets. So, we’ll see a grand total of two movies this year, but two is better than zero. Plus, it means a baby-free date night!

img_6712 img_6908 img_6910img_7075img_7083

Oden had a legit play date with another little guy named Tucker. It was fascinating to see how the boys played with each other and also great to chat with another mom with a boy Oden’s age. Bonus: another kid’s toys are super fun!

img_6733 img_6734 img_6743

“The days are long but the years are short.” How very true that is when it comes to life with a baby. Oden’s first birthday is not far off! This time of year can feel quite long to me, when I yearn for the first wildflowers, warm sun on my bare skin, and colors outside other than BLINDING WHITE SNOW. But I won’t be wishing the time away. Someday, I’ll wish I was busy “not doing much” with my little family. So instead, I’ll be working on being present and enjoying moments like these!

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