A Howe Family Weekend

One of the great things about having a baby is that people come to visit you. Well, to be truthful, they don’t care about YOU anymore. It’s all about the baby, and a new little being brings family and friends from afar. My parents have visited a couple of times from Colorado already, and Amanda made the trek from L.A. This weekend, we had a house full of Howes! John’s brother, Nat, and sis-in-law, Mimi, came from New Jersey and his sister, Frances, came from North Carolina to love on the littlest Howe. Because they’re all spread out, it’s a big deal when John and his twin siblings are all in the same room. Big events like weddings and milestone birthdays have brought us together over the last five years, and its always special when it happens because it’s not often enough.

100_2600 100_2590 DSC_0208 DSC_0190P1010751Johnny and Amber Howe Wedding. Sundance Resort, Utah.Johnny and Amber Howe Wedding. Sundance Resort, Utah.

Mr. Oden’s arrival certainly counts as a big event, and he got plenty of love over the weekend! His aunties prompted smiles and giggles from him all day long, and the extra hands gave us a break from nonstop baby time. We made a few meals at home but also successfully ventured out to restaurants, car seat in tow. We enjoyed a somewhat forced picnic (it wasn’t exactly warm) near East Canyon Creek and the boys relived their glory days, tossing around the lacrosse ball to each other and for Cholula. My friend, Melissa, who grew up with John and his siblings, stopped by for a visit and to meet Oden.

IMG_7345 IMG_7344 IMG_7360 P1240582 P1240584 P1240586 IMG_7420IMG_7373

We grilled burgers and chicken skewers. We passed around pints of ice cream and watched sports and a movie. There was an inpromptu sing-along of Traffic’s “Dear Mr. Fantasy” for Oden’s benefit. We piled into two cars and landed at the park under the big PC sign for a stroll, more lacrosse, and some fun for Cholula. We even posed for a few family photos to mark the occasion of the Howe Family Weekend!

IMG_7370 P1240594 P1240598 IMG_7377 P1240608 P1240610P1240604P1240600P1240607

Throughout the weekend, Oden got passed around like a (big) sack of (heavy) potatoes. The crew even stole him for some shopping on Main Street so John and I could take Cholula on a hike, which felt miraculous. It makes me happy that he’s comfortable with other people and it’s hard not to beam right back at his dimple-y smile!

IMG_7331 IMG_0952 IMG_7343 IMG_7394 IMG_7416 P1240564 P1240589 P1240591 IMG_7401IMG_7396 IMG_7404

The worst part of the weekend was, of course, saying goodbye. A few days can fly by so quickly, and Nat, Frances, and Mimi live far away from us. We missed John’s dad, Frances’ hubby, Calvin, and Nat and Mimi’s three awesome kids, but the good news is that there’s another milestone birthday coming up for the twins this summer. Plans are in the works to bring the family together for it. Looking forward to that makes saying goodbye just a teeny bit easier.

IMG_7354 IMG_7417 IMG_7419 IMG_7412

We love you, Howe family!

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