Bliss Bits 5/5/2017

It feels like forever since I’ve done a Bliss Bits post! The most important things about this week are A) it finally stopped snowing and B) Oden and I are home from a mommy-son trip to California! It was my first travel experience alone with him, and it went (mostly) smoothly. Yay! I’ll share the details soon. I certainly got spoiled with that warm California sunshine and I’m hoping that spring has actually SPRUNG here in Park City. In addition to a few shots from our trip, take a look at some of the things keeping us smiling over the last couple of weeks!

I love this corner of my kitchen.

Happy is his default setting! Swings are pretty awesome, too. 

I love finding them having boy time together in the morning.

I made white sangria popsicles! Oh, HELLO, summertime. Stay tuned!

Such a precious puzzle! 

My little dude. Doesn’t he look 5??

Cheddar and chive biscuits.

He loves being outside, just like his Mama!

When Auntie Amanda last saw Oden, he was 5 weeks old.

The golf course opened early this year, so I’m glad we got a few walks in before that!

No comment.

My Easter bouquets lasted a long time!

She finds random tennis balls wherever we go.

Shoes are our new adventure.

Elmo likes the golf course, too!

I feel lucky.

Poor Cholula had a blade of grass in her cornea! Extra snuggles for her!

Bed head.

Big blue sky and green things!

He likes to find my belly button! He doesn’t care that it’s squishier than it used to be…

Kitchen assistant.

This chilled Asian chicken noodle salad was so fun, thanks to spiralized veggies! I’ll share soon.

April, or January?

Front yard blooms.

Toddler alert!

Oden only likes Episode 10 in Season 47 of Sesame Street. I know it by heart.

Coconut oiled toes! This little piggy…

This was the day I left my car door wide open at the trailhead. Apparently I needed more coffee!!

He whispers to himself sometimes.

I LOVE DONUTS and sprinkles are my favorite! I hardly ever get to have one. 

I know I’m loved at my sister’s house!

A drawing of me, Amanda, and baby Oden, courtesy of one of Amanda’s girls!

A beautiful morning walk in Valencia at Bridgeport. Lake life looks pretty good!

Somebody’s gorgeous drinks at Malibu Cafe! 

We’re on a boat! One of us appears to be having less fun than the other two…

Adult drinks and baby drinks. 

This grocery list that Amanda wrote made me laugh. Just the basics!

Meanwhile, John was skiing at home…

Family selfie! Happy happy joy joy! Also, ODEN’S BELLY.

John sent me this view of the house from the back hill. Home sweet home. 

My babies!


Sunset and ski runs in the distance. 

One year ago, the Howe siblings met baby Oden!

He looked like THIS.

Two years ago, we were on a family hike at Lewis Preserve.

Three years ago, we had big smiles in Kauai!

Four years ago, I was on part 1 of a girl’s trip to Cali.

Five years ago, my very own Grizzly Adams and I were visiting Four Elements Farm.

Six years ago, Zamboni’s bacon radar was working!

And yesterday, I wandered around a garden center in Salt Lake and did some daydreaming. 

You know. Just the usual bliss. 

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