Me in PC: Hiking PC Hill

It was an ominous start to the hike. By the trail’s second switchback, I’d realized two unfortunate things. First, it was clear that the woman yapping loudly on her phone 50 yards behind me was NOT almost done with her conversation. And second, I’d forgotten my water bottle and the granola bar I’d planned to devour at the summit of PC Hill.

P1200610 P1200612 P1200613

I’d hoped that starting my hike before 10am on a weekday during Park City’s deserted shoulder season might grant me some solitude…or at least some peace and quiet. Not today; thanks to the wonders of speaker phone, I heard both sides of the woman’s conversation. And because I stopped for photos now and then, she was gaining on me. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts at forcing the woman to turn around (using mental telepathy), I focused on the ever-improving view, Cholula’s wagging tail, and the sunshine on my face. After all, it was our first time up PC Hill.

PCHill summer IMG_5075

The PC initials are visible from all over town. I’d snapped photos of them on various hikes across the valley (summer and fall views pictured above), but only recently learned of the trail that leads to the big white letters. Every local should be able to say they’ve touched the big PC, right? Plus, I had a hunch the view would be simply beautiful on this early spring morning.

P1200615 P1200616 P1200617 P1200618 P1200619 P1200621 P1200622 P1200626

By some miracle, the loud woman’s voice started to fade and I realized she’d taken a different route. I said a silent thank you and paused to regroup. The trail, which had started out as a steady, straight incline, now meandered through scrub oak away from the PC sign. It swung back around, showing off the ski runs of Deer Valley and Park City Mountain Resort. I could finally hear the birds singing and watched Cholula chase chirping chipmunks through the brush. This was the hike I’d hoped for today.

P1200627 P1200623P1200630 P1200632 P1200633 P1200634

As we neared where I knew the letters would be, the trail grew rocky and more exposed. I took a well-worn detour off of the main trail toward the sign. We made it! I discovered that the huge letters were made of painted concrete, a gift to the city from the PC High School senior class of 2004. Handprints from students decorated parts of the letters, the school within sight below.

P1200636 P1200639 P1200640 P1200641 P1200642 P1200644 P1200645 P1200646 P1200647 P1200648

The view from the PC sign is gorgeous, but I wasn’t yet at the hill’s summit. When we got there, we were treated to a 360 degree view: the town of Park City, almost all the way to our neighborhood to the northwest, the hills that hide Kamas and Heber City to the east. I set my camera’s self-timer and tried to get a good shot with Cholula and the view (sigh…it’ll do). I thought briefly of the granola bar I’d planned to be eating now.

P1200653 P1200656 P1200657 P1200658 P1200659 P1200660 P1200662

As we headed down the hill, I took a wrong turn toward Quinn’s Trail. I turned around, over the summit again. When we passed the letters for the second time, I looked straight down the massive “P” and saw the stream that would be Cholula’s reward for joining me on a dry morning hike. When we’d almost reached the bottom, I said something about “swim” and off she went, ignoring my calls, straight for the stream. She really is part fish.

P1200663 P1200666 P1200667 P1200670 P1200673 P1200675 P1200677 P1200679 P1200680 P1200681

What a treat to finish a delightful morning hike and then get to play ball at this park with your dog afterward! When she got hot, she’d trot into the water. The park is huge, a tennis-ball chaser’s dream, and the view can’t be beat. I love seeing my town turning green.

P1200682 P1200684 P1200685 P1200686 P1200687 P1200688 P1200689 P1200690 P1200692 P1200694

We played ball-swim-ball for a bit before I beckoned my happy girl to the car. She resisted at first… but Mama needed her granola bar snack! At a stoplight on the way home, I caught a glimpse of Cholula in the mirror, wet and dirty and literally dozing off in the back seat.

P1200698 IMG_8620

Sunshine, a couple of miles on a new trail, killer views, and a tuckered-out dog: a perfect Park City morning.


Happy Earth Day. The more you’re out in it, the more precious it becomes.

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