Quiet Christmas.

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A glimpse into our quiet Christmas season, close to home. We’ve been enjoying the many feet of deep, fresh powder (see Cholula’s smile?), took our time decorating of Doris the tree and the house, hosted a dining table full of fun friends, spent cozy nights in front of the fire, decorated cookies with sweet little elves (and ate a few, too), dressed up for a Christmas eve date night with tasty drinks (jalapeño cucumber ginger beer mocktail!) on Park City’s charming Main Street and dinner at our favorite restaurant, and spent a lazy Christmas day together, full of old traditions (NOG) and new (spicy sausage breakfast casserole) as well as fun and thoughtful gifts. We switched gears to John’s birthday and he was spoiled with special presents and a ski with Cholula before we made a spectacular meal together, eaten by candlelight and topped off with homemade brownies and ice cream. I know we both agree that our best gift this year is baking away in my belly for another 9 or 10 weeks, but we sure savored this last holiday with just the two of us.

I hope these weeks have been filled with quiet moments, loved ones, laughter, and joy for all of you, too!



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