Cholula’s Birthday Hike

When John and I decided to get a puppy together, we really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. We weren’t even engaged yet and lived in separate homes, neither of which had a fenced yard. It was early December, and unbeknownst to us, the biggest winter in recent history was on its way. This is not conducive to potty training or leash training or even outside time with a rambunctious puppy. Oh, and John left to go skiing every day. Every. Single. Day. 

100_2881 100_2883 babycholulachristmasCollage 100_3067

Luckily, the chubby little squiggle monster with needle-sharp teeth and a white-tipped tail completely stole our hearts from the minute she tumbled into our laps for the first time. When I look back on the first weeks, I can’t help but see little similarities to what I imagine having a new infant will be like (on a much smaller scale). We woke up in the middle of the night to her tiny cries and brought her into bed with us. There were early morning feedings. We whispered and tiptoed around the house during her many naps. Don’t wake the baby. There were teething issues and potty-training accidents. We had babysitters stay with her when we went out at night. She changed everything. She made us crazy with her mischief, her constant need for supervision and attention. But she also made us a family, and when we look back on the photos and videos of those early days, it’s not uncommon for one or both of us to tear up at the sweet puppy memories. I mean, puppy breath and pink puppy bellies are sent from Heaven!


Now, four years later, we can’t imagine our lives without Cholula. There’s not another dog like her. We adore her crooked ears and smaller stature, and she still has that white-tipped tail. She is afraid of flies and sneezes (she will literally crawl into my lap). She feels compelled to freak out at the UPS and FedEx delivery guys (though she’s met them many times). She is exceedingly greedy for love and attention. She loves napping under our bed, though she barely fits. She’s a creature of habit, particularly in the morning: snuzzles in bed with Mama, a lap around the yards, a bark at the door when she’s ready to come in, a special treat for “coming home” on her own accord. She’s a stick freak and a tennis ball hoarder. She loves cheese. We rarely leave her home alone; she’s our sidekick and favorite companion on any adventure. She’s admittedly spoiled and her training could use a refresher course, but she’s loved. And she knows it.

CholulaCollage CholulahalloweenCollage

Cholula turned 4 years old on October 11! There’s nothing she loves more than exploring with us- ears up, nose on overdrive, tail wagging. So we decided the best way to celebrate her birthday was on a family hike. We drove through Midway and up a long dirt road to the Ridge Trail 157. Together, we roamed through the aspens at 9,000 feet with killer views of Mount Timpanogos. Cholula wore a red bandana around her neck to make her more visible to elk hunters, but she looked adorable and fancy and it seemed appropriate to “dress up” on her big day.

P1230006 P1230010 P1230011 P1230012 IMG_0857P1230016 IMG_0862 IMG_0856 IMG_0863 IMG_0869P1230018 P1230020

Days like this make me stop and say “thank you” to the heavens. We live in such a beautiful spot. It was difficult not to stop every 15 feet to take another photo of the view. The sky, the scrub oak, the aspens, the pines- every autumn color in the Crayola box of crayons was represented.

P1230022 P1230023 P1230024 IMG_0871P1230025 IMG_0872P1230026 P1230028 IMG_2064

My one goal for the day was to get a great family photo of the three of us. It was a lesson in letting go. We couldn’t find a tree or stump or rock on which to set the camera, and Cholula was not interested in halting her chipmunk hunt to pose for a portrait. We still got a few great shots of one or the other of us with our birthday girl.

P1230034 P1230037 P1230039 P1230044 P1230046 P1230047 P1230050 P1230049 P1230051 IMG_0892P1230053IMG_0874IMG_0877IMG_0880IMG_0882IMG_0884

We turned around at an aspen grove that was positively glowing with golden afternoon sunlight. Back at the trailhead, we munched on a tasty picnic lunch as the sun flickered through the leaves. Cholula had plenty of treats, and was so tuckered out from romping through the mountains that she passed out five minutes into the drive home. It made me happy to hear her content little sighs from the back seat. Mission accomplished. 

P1230056 P1230059 P1230065 IMG_0891 IMG_0889 IMG_0888 IMG_0885P1230067 P1230070 P1230072 P1230077 P1230084 P1230085 P1230087 P1230088

We are beyond thrilled to finally be bringing a baby into our mix, but there’s a little part of my heart that aches when I think of the unintentional neglect Cholula will undoubtedly feel at some point. Any dog-lover gets it: she is our baby, our family, one of us. I’m sure I’m a little more nostalgic and emotional than usual (#blamethebaby), but I’m not sorry. Our sweet girl deserves all the love she gets and more.

IMG_0855 IMG_0860

Happy birthday, Cholula! To many, many more!

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  1. I’ve been away for awhile. I used to follow Cholula. I love German Shepherds and fell in love with her. I can’t find any recent postings about her. Is she still with you?

    1. Oh, she’s still here and you’ll see her in my Bliss Bits posts or hiking pics. She’s also on my Instagram. Life with a baby means less free time to hike with her but she’s definitely still spoiled and loved over here!

  2. I’m so glad. She’s such a joyful creature. I look forward to learning more about her and seeing how she’s changed.
    Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! Babies do take a lot of time, but they bring such joy. I know. I had four of them.

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