A glimpse of the weekend.

IMG_3382 IMG_3375 IMG_3384 IMG_3395 IMG_3401 IMG_3398 IMG_3438 IMG_3422 IMG_3431 P1150917 P1150915 IMG_3633 IMG_3484 IMG_3489 IMG_3492 IMG_3491IMG_3579 IMG_3544 IMG_3586 IMG_3628 IMG_3511 P1150936 P1150943 IMG_3436

A dinner party at a ranch on a river. Lazy mornings with a lazy dog. Time under the pines and counting wildflowers. Dog-diving! Fresh veggie succotash and salmon al fresco. Paddle boards and fruit salad at Rockport Reservoir. Date night at the St. Regis for a dear friend’s birthday. A casual summer bash under a rainbow amongst exotic birds at the Tracy Aviary. Maintenance on our growing garden and flowers in the yard. Happy life!

One year ago: An al fresco dinner party and Callie’s Summer Salad.


  1. Those tomatoes are gorgeous! Our plants are starting to sport some serious fruit and I can’t wait to enjoy them. Also… paddle boarding!! I desperately want to own one, so much fun.

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