In the new year, John and I have been trying to resume our weekly date nights, which were kind of forgotten over the holiday season. Whether we rent a movie, go for an evening walk, head out to dinner, whatever- one night per week is about us. With no plans other than to be together for Superbowl Sunday, we declared it our “date” day.

One of my favorite things about my husband is that he loves to cook as much as I do. We peeled through a few cookbooks to select new recipes to make together. I selected a gooey sausage beer-cheese fondue appetizer, and John wanted to make Enchiladas Suizas (with slow-cooked chicken!). We got the bird in the crockpot before heading out into the freshly-fallen snow for some pre-game fresh air.

P1130240 P1130244 P1130245 P1130246 P1130247P1130239

We’re lucky to live just down the street from a quiet dirt road with a creek meandering alongside it. Within minutes, you feel like you’re miles from any neighborhood. In summer, Cholula loves to swim in the creek and chase ducks. This time of year, it’s the perfect setting for a wintry date-day stroll. Cholula chased snowballs into deep drifts while we watched a snippet of blue sky play peek-a-boo through the clouds.

P1130252 P1130255 P1130256 P1130257 P1130260 P1130261 P1130263 P1130264 P1130268 P1130269 P1130274IMG_9560

Neither of our teams were playing in the Superbowl this year. When we got back home, John printed off some simple bets to keep it interesting (he knows my competitive nature quite well). And what’s a bet without money on the line? Each correct choice won the person a dollar, with the most correct choices winning the remaining pot. The questions ranged from actual game information (Which team will commit the first penalty?  Which team will call the first time out?) to chance guesses (Will the jersey number of the first player to score a TD be odd or even? Who will win the coin toss?) to random entertainment (How many times will Eli Manning be shown live? Will Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili  Peppers play a song on stage at the same time?). I got started on the baguette crostini for the fondue while John quizzed me.

P1130281 P1130292 P1130295 P1130298

We spent the next hour or two before the game started laughing in the kitchen: peeling tomatillos for salsa verde, cooking up the sausage and shredding cheeses, chopping onion and jalapeño. The incredible fondue was ready just as the National Anthem was sung (we timed it, since we had a bet on how long it would take) and we made a tasty tray of snacks and drinks to bring downstairs.

P1130301 P1130311 P1130317 IMG_9555IMG_9575 P1130323 P1130328

We were thankful for the bets since the game STUNK. We stayed interested for all four quarters, because we had money (and bragging rights) on the line! Cholula, however, was bored and gave up.

P1130329 P1130331 P1130330

After the game, we headed back into the kitchen to finish dinner. John shredded chicken. I simmered tomatillos with onion and garlic for salsa. We took turns stuffing tortillas with chicken and cheese, rolling them into a casserole dish to bake. Our slow-cooker chicken enchiladas were scrumptious and simple! The food knocked it out of the park– I can’t wait to share both recipes later this week.

P1130337 P1130339 P1130349 P1130352 P1130359 P1130344P1130362 P1130367

Despite the actual game, our Superbowl date was super fun. Cooking together is great- we’ve got plenty of recipes dog-eared in our cookbooks for the future. Oh, and the bets? Mama pocketed the pot- a whopping $36!

P1130335 P1130332

What are your favorite “date” ideas? Share with me!

Stay tuned for recipes for Sausage Beer-Cheese Fondue and Slow Cooker Chicken Enchiladas Suizas!

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  1. Those weekly date nights are even more precious when there are little kiddos at home. Make it a habit. Sometimes, we’ll drop the kids off somewhere (with Grandma, at drop-in daycare) just to come back home and enjoy the QUIET by the creek with a glass of wine. Quiet is very rare here and is absolutely treasured.

  2. Your pup is such a HOOT – ha! Mr. Craves and I need to re-establish dating in general – running errands is not quite my idea of spending quality time together. We do love cooking together like you guys do and try new recipes. Love that you guys betted during the game and that you won – competition can be good in a relationship:) Happy Tuesday!

  3. What a fun time together! I love the photo of John waving the bills. You two love birds are adorable and I think it’s an awesome idea to remember to date your spouse. It can be easy to forget, but so important to remember. Makes the connection that much stronger. 🙂

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