Bliss Bits 2/6/2014.

It’s BLISS BITS Wednesday Thursday!

Well, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow the other day… so we might as well get used to snow around here! As I look back at Bliss Bits collections from summertime, there’s so much action– hiking and camping and gardening and dog-diving. And COLOR! So much color, in the sky, on the mountainside, on my skin. I do start to yearn for those things this time of year, every year– but am remembering that life is about balance. The action balances the calm. The joy balances the grief. The vibrant hues of summertime balance the bright white canvas of Park City’s winters. Without one, the other would not be as delightful. (Pssst! Amber: enjoy now.) Here’s a handful of happy moments worth savoring from my week.


Good morning kisses. On my foot.


Her preferred seat in the car is ON ME.


I made scones! I’ll share them with you soon.


I spy Cholula. Do you?


Dear Johnny: we go together like pizza and wine.


Helping with laundry.


Giada’s Tuscan Barley Soup was stellar!


Wise words for the Year of the Horse.


Cutting back on caffeine. You’d never know this giant Americano was decaf!


I explored a new, glorious trail- right up the street!


This granola (minus chocolate)with shredded coconut and more nuts = the bomb.


Snow on the way! (Temperature FAIL.)


I’ve been making a lot more breakfasts for myself lately.


Her new favorite game is “catch the snowball.”


Sushi date last night with my handsome hubby.


One year ago, we were skiing at Snowbird with John’s brother and nephew.


Two years ago, baby Cholula supervised the food prep for Superbowl. 


Three years ago, I was taking in the SLC skyline with Zamboni. 


Four years ago (eep!), I was giggling at ladies night with my friend, Betsy!


And this morning, someone was being picky with her treats.

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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  1. Love that TS Elliott quote! I was just a few days ago feeling amazed at what’s happened in just one year, things I would have never imagined, or thought of, a wonderful perspective!

  2. Why is it the poets always get it right? Love that quote. Hm…quitting coffee huh? Wonder why anyone would do something like that, or maybe I don’t wonder. “Toelicker” cracked me up.

      1. How is it that I KNEW this? Oh, Amber. How I send vibes out to you and John for a quick start to a larger family! Let’s not forget that it was WINE that changed my plans and got me pregnant. Fortunately, I was already going through a pot-a-day coffee detox while taking electrical engineering exams AND getting pregnant at the same time. See? My planning really works. 🙂

  3. The family dog Jake is also fickle when it comes to his treats. If you give him something that he didn’t want, he will drop it on the ground and stare at the cabinet until you give him the correct option. But don’t you dare take the first treat away! He’ll come back to it after he gets what he wants. Dogs are just so darn funny with their little personalities!!!

    1. Cholula will look at them, cast her eyes downward and turn away. She will usually come back for the treat once she realize every day can’t be a salmon jerky day. We’ve created a monster.

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