Fast friends.

Sometimes, you meet a person and you just CLICK.

That’s what happened with Leslie. We met her through our Bozeman friends and immediately connected. She’s up for anything, completely hilarious, and loves to cook. When she mentioned wanting a get-away before her hectic fall work schedule, we offered our guest room in Park City. This weekend, she took us up on it!


The weekend went by quickly, but it full of fun. We took her to Silver Star Cafe, our favorite spot in Park City for dinner. She and I watched ski jumpers training at Olympic Park and sipped tasty cocktails at High West Distillery.

P1010151 P1010152 P1010154 P1010153IMG_5236 IMG_5231 IMG_5240 IMG_5233 IMG_5246

IMG_5250 P1010164 P1010165 P1010170 P1010158 P1010159


We spent Saturday afternoon in the kitchen, sipping wine and chopping mushrooms and laughing our way into a scrumptious meal- grilled tenderloin steaks with a garlic-balsamic glaze, mushroom-shallot farro risotto, and a fresh salad from our garden. HELLO.

IMG_5219 P1010179 P1010196 P1010187 IMG_5255 P1010212 IMG_5260

Sunday, we slept late and paid a leisurely visit to No Worries Café before she had to hop on the road back home to Bozeman. And then, it was over. Time flies when you’re having fun.


Sometimes, you meet a person and you just click. 


  1. SUCH a fun weekend!! The first picture seriously just sums it all up. Maybe I should have drank the wine out of my new mug. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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