Bliss Bits 7/20/2018

Guys, this week I realized that perhaps my 2-year-old (plus 4 months) may have entered the serious tantrum stage. Let me paint you a little picture… After coercing Oden away from his toys and into the car with the promise of a cookie, we drove to Walmart to pick up some more bubbles and storage bins I needed. Sometime during the time it took to carry Oden from the car to the front door, all control was lost. He didn’t want to go in the cart. He screamed and kicked and straight up FREAKED OUT. I pulled him to the side away from the door and tried to reason with him- HA! He kept trying to climb out of the cart. He couldn’t be calmed with my usual distraction tricks (Look at those flowers! Which ones should we get?) or firm talking from Mommy (That’s not how a big boy talks. Let’s use words.) or even bribes (We’re going to get cookies when we go inside, remember? COOKIES! Maybe some popsicles! Don’t you want cookies and popsicles?!). Oden has his moments, but generally doesn’t lose it like this. I could feel my face turning red as other shoppers walked by. Finally, my temper was too short and I said we were going home. Somehow, the idea of getting back in the car seat was worse than sitting in the cart and he quieted down enough to go inside. By now, my hair was disheveled and I was sweating, and Oden had tear stains on his cheeks and a runny nose. And as we started walking through the aisles, I smelled that unmistakable smell: a seriously dirty diaper. Sigh.

At this point, I had a choice. I could throw in the towel and slink home with my tail between my legs… or I could take a breath, buck up, smile, and keep going. I chose the latter. Honestly, every parent with a child over 3 has probably been in a similar situation. We found bubbles, which turned my devil toddler into a joyful cherub. We struck out on the storage bins but picked up some snacks for the week and a couple of other things. I avoided bombarding others with Oden’s stinky situation and even found myself giggling. We sang songs as we drove home, remedied the diaper, and blew bubbles on the porch. What felt like an impossible moment had passed, and with no casualties- even my sanity survived. I guess it turned into a mini life lesson for me. Lately, little things feel like big things and it’s hard for me to rebound. I’m a hormonal pregnant lady trying to raise a rambunctious toddler and frankly, I’m exhausted. Life’s stresses (some small and some legitimately big) all roll into one gargantuan anxiety attack all too often. I can’t change the stressful things, try as I might, but I can work on how I react. My goal is to learn how to take a breath, buck up, smile, and keep going. With any luck, the day will turn into bubbles in the sunshine!

Take a peek at some of the recent happy moments that help me keep that smile on my face!

No more snow on those peaks, but she always loves a hike!

Just bumpin’ along!

Joy in our entryway.

This big daddy moose strolled into our yard while we were playing on the porch. Amazing.

He’s always working. Pants optional.

Backyard sunset skies.

Persistence! Look at those lips!

Surprise flowers from John. I love sunflowers- they are so happy.

Am I the only one that finds old cemeteries beautiful?

Surprisingly good at sharing!

Trying to enjoy tasty mocktails when all I want is wine…

I made spicy Thai noodles and they were delish!

Living his best life! Riding a unicorn with our friend, Sydney.

Mini-beach at Deer Valley Resort.

I love watching the birds eat from the bird feeder at this house, too.

Sandy summer toes.

When Daddy runs through the sprinklers, too!

Checking on the lilies Mama planted. By now, the deer have munched the blooms!

My boys at the Copper Moose farm stand.

Al fresco dining season is here!

I’ve been craving salads non-stop, but had to try this chicken and waffles at 5 Seeds!

Ladies’ hike with Nancy and Sydney!

Helping Daddy build our outdoor table.

We dream of a little barn and maybe some goats or mini-ponies on our back hill.

Lambie loves flowers, too. Also, those curls!

Summer concerts! Ryan Adams at Red Butte Amphitheater.

Fuzzy little caterpillar with 246 of his closest friends.

Two big smiles.

A neighbor took this photo because “we looked cute.”

Oden helps Daddy on “Smoothie Saturdays”… I take photos of the aftermath.

Water play with his buddy, Tucker. So serious!

Eating with abandon!

Cute little nook in our guest room with space for more art.

Flowers, flowers…everywhere! 

Picking up take-out under the loveliest stained glass ceiling.

Perfect trees.

Summer means post-nap popsicles!

I found a donut shop recently. We go on Fridays. What’s your favorite? Is it Friday yet?

New house yard discoveries: Columbine flowers everywhere!

The prettiest cocktail before dinner out with my friend, Kristen

Homemade biscuits scream for strawberry shortcake! 

Horse ranch dreams.

A kid on a swing = joy!

It’s the summer of bubbles!

He gets very proud of his fence-climbing skills.

Can’t wait to share our recent and overdue camping trip with you. Stay tuned!

Cooling off in the pool with Uma!

My little gardener.

New sign. I love it.


Baking with Mama.

“Making rainbows.”

Bigfoot loves America, too!

Camping is her happy place. Mine, too!

More new house yard discoveries: Hollyhocks!

Thank God my main pregnancy craving is big salads (to offset those donuts!).

One year ago, there was a lot of nakie baby time in the backyard. 

Two years ago, we did a Tour de Oden on the East Coast. (That’s John’s Dad!)

Three years ago, I was on a boat in Colorado and Oden was baking in my belly.

Four years ago, Cholula was beachin’ it at Rockport Reservoir.

Five years ago, I was cooking in my kitchen with Leslie.

Six years ago, I was making dinner with my little brother

Seven years ago, we were just babies at the Jimmy Cliff concert at Deer Valley. 

And last night, we enjoyed frozen pizza, an epic salad, and this view. 

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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  1. My one nephew when he was that age would get ants in his pants because he did not want to sit because he was working on a poopy diaper. I have been around a few boy toddlers like this. So glad to hear you survived – probably wanted to dig a hole with the meltdown happening in public – oh well it happens. Happy Weekend – Beautiful Post & Photos 🙂

    1. Haha, Oden has at least started to tell us when he’s going. He’s still so little for potty training but we talk about it and offer the toddler potty when he wants it! Thanks for reading as always!

  2. Oh YES.,,, those days… been there as has every other Mom. Ive cried, and swore, sweated , cried again… haaaaa. You are not alone. They are our adoring angels gone to another psychotic plane! Who knew !?? Bless you and it shall continue… but know I’m your heart… it will all be ok💞☀️💞

  3. PS. I love old cemeteries too…. one In England was beautiful and calming. Back to 1564!
    Thx for sharing your stories ❤️

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