Bliss Bits 2/26/2014.

It’s BLISS BITS Wednesday!

Admittedly, this is a rough time of the year for me. As much as I try to “enjoy the moment,” I find myself browsing summer dresses online. Pinning warm weather destinations like crazy. Scrolling through photos of our garden in its vibrant glory and getting dirt under my nails (if only by re-potting indoor plants). Bothering John to take me to the desert. Or the beach. Today, I hiked in the sunshine without a jacket and have the windows open at home. But I know better than to get comfortable; a snowstorm is rolling in this weekend. So I’ll munch on fresh pineapple and play my mom’s Beach Boys album and smile.

Because spring always comes.

Here are bits of bliss from my week!


I revisited a long-lost enchilada recipe. Delish!


Right after this photo, I got caught in a white-out and slid down the trail on my bum. Oops.


Can you believe this lovely bloom grows in Amanda’s backyard?


Not a cloud in sight.


I have a weakness for Marcona almonds. 


I want to see the world through a 9-year old’s eyes!


Unbelievable skies!


Messy, greedy birds live here.


John made me this lovely breakfast.


He also sent me this Papa/Puppy selfie.


Our friends sent us satsumas from their farm


A love letter from a dear friend. I love snail mail!


It’s totally time for tulips. 


I watched Sliding Doors for the first time. 


I made this power soup and it was delicious.


Sometimes you need to find a new forest. Love this.


Taco night!


Happy re-potted plant.


This morning’s hiking fuel. 


I believe this!


One year ago, it snowed… a LOT.


Two years ago, I was celebrating with Durango ladies at Sarah’s baby shower!


Three years ago, it snowed…a LOT. 


And right this second, I’m enjoying the sunshine through the open door next to my desk. 

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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  1. HA! And i’m over here in LA counting down the minutes until our big first rain storm comes (T minus one day) so I can get a little winter weather. I’m tired of the sun!! The grass is always greener, eh? As always I love your Bliss Bits posts. xo

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