Nothin’ but good.

A summertime weekend full of good things.

That’s what I had.

Date night to see live music.


Hosting happy hour for friends.


Singing at full volume to CSN on the way to dinner.


Wildflowers everywhere and a happy, wet dog.


My first attempt at homemade tortillas and fantastic tacos, enjoyed al fresco.


Fun surprises in the mail.


Glorious biking trail photos from Hot Hubby.


And a scrumptious bowl of spicy brisket Sunday chili.


The calendar is pretty full these days, and it makes me smile. It’s summer!

Nothin’ but good things. 


**Graphic found here.


    1. They are! I did find that the leftover ones dried out a bit in the fridge and were more similar to the corn torts I buy at the store. I think making only what you think you’ll eat right then is the way to go!

    1. It was really easy. I bought some white corn flour mix called PAN in the aisle with Mexican food. You simply add water, roll the dough into little balls, smoosh them to be flat (we used a tortilla press), and cook them in a pan or griddle! They were yummy and you could flavor them somehow, I bet.

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