Surprise! I’ve got a past.

We all do. Our pasts make us who we are today. Tomorrow, today will be THE PAST. Think about that. It all counts – and it adds up to LIFE.

That doesn’t mean it’s all good stuff.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have a mountain man husband, a new house, live in a mountain paradise, and adore a fabulous dog. You also know that I had another husband. And another house. Started out in another mountain paradise. And adored another fabulous dog.

Let’s take a moment and cheers to sweet Zamboni (the FIRST fabulous dog).

21556_268112786975_114582456975_3974872_2946051_nZam Boulder Sunset

Life is incredible. And it’s also unbearable. The end of my first marriage is painful for me to talk about. It is my absolute least favorite topic to discuss- I prefer never to think about it, honestly. But in sharing it, I’ve found a new kind of healing that two solid years of therapy didn’t bring me. Thank you for letting me do so- and for helping me continue to heal.

I’m honored and humbled to have my story featured on The Ramblings today. Recently, the hilarious Tori added a weekly guest post of sorts: the Tiny Spark Series. In it, some of her readers share- in their own words- a difficult life experience and the silver lining that lured them back into the sunshine. When she approached me to contribute, I confess that I was scared. Her audience is significantly larger than mine is here! But I’m inspired by what I’ve read over the past weeks, the strength of spirit that’s been displayed, the bravery in exposure. I’m proud to be a part of it.  Reading the Tiny Spark posts has shed light on the bigger picture for me- and has reminded me that everyone has a story. Everyone has a past.

It’s our choice to live in the present- and love the promise of the future.

Johnny and Amber Howe Wedding. Sundance Resort, Utah.

“A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark.” – Dante Alighieri

Read: the Tiny Spark Series.


  1. I do so love that Dante quotation. Congrats on being featured! I’ll have to read it now. This post, too, was quite lovely – a dose of hope for those whose lives have endured recent tragedy or a gentle reminder for those in a better place than yesterday to appreciate the triumph. Thanks Amber! 🙂

  2. You are my hero. I adored you when I first met you – cooking “balls” – and even more now. Thank you for your honesty and courage. Thank you for showing me what a real woman of courage and grace looks like. You are amazing! xoxoxo

    1. I always hated it when people would tell me “it finds you when you stop looking for it”… but there is some validity to the idea of just enjoying life and finding happiness in yourself. Makes you more desirable and confident!

  3. I couldn’t be happier that you posted a link to this gem on Instagram! This post is extremely powerful, moving and has brought tears to my eyes. You have always been an inspiration of fabulous-ness to me and this reminds of why. Thank you so much for sharing this. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you checked out the blog, Em! Your words really mean a lot to me- “inspiration of fabulous-ness” is going on my next business cards as my official title. xxx
      PS I am an Instagram addict.

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