It’s too early for this.

Snowplows woke me up this morning.

That’s a lie. My ambitious ski freak beloved husband woke me up when he left at 5:00 AM to get to Snowbird before they closed the canyon road. He’s committed, you guys. I don’t get it, but I love him for it. First tracks are serious.

And then the snowplows kept me awake.

Cholula is snoozing away on the bed, having what appears to be a series of dreams involving squirrel-chasing and full sprints. I’m sitting at my desk in my slippers, in the dark…the only light is coming from my laptop screen. The coffee pot was already full when I padded downstairs an hour ago, thanks to my mountain man’s early start. I’m perusing my favorite websites, making my mental to-do list for the day, and trying to tackle some blog maintenance.

I don’t recommend using your brain this early.

I’ve updated my BLOG LOVE link (above) to include a few of my new favorite reads. There is so much inspiration out there! Take a peek.

I’ve also added a link called ELSEWHERE, where I include guest posts or appearances on other blogs. I love guest-posting. It’s like playing house.

Have you followed The Usual Bliss on Facebook yet? I started something I call, “In the moment BLISS” with fun, on-the-spot smile-inducers. Join the party!

And, did you know that every recipe I post is on my Pinterest page? I’ve got a board called, “Sharing food BLISS“- you can find all of my past kitchen adventures there (yikes).

Last, I have included The Usual Bliss on Blog Lovin’. It’s so easy to follow my favorite blogs when they are all in ONE PLACE. You can follow The Usual Bliss here.

The sun is trying to rise. Daylight will reveal how much snow we really got last night. It might be time to put an album on my new record player and pour another cup of coffee. I just realized it’s Friday. Our weekend will include a road trip, some belated Christmas/birthday love, dear friends, and one of my favorite towns. What’s on tap for you?


  1. Your husband is seriously committed!! That sounds like hell to me waking up that early to go into the cold mountains. You’ve gotta love his excitement! Maybe a nap later for you today? xo

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