Bliss bits 12/12.

It’s BLISS BITS Wednesday!

The little things are sometimes the best things, aren’t they? Take a moment to notice them.

Here are my teensy bits of joy from the past week. 


John makes a stellar salmon/cream cheese/caper/lemon bagel.


I got to use my adorable new holiday platter! Gingerbread men danced on it.


Honey vanilla chamomile tea with my favorite new cozy throw. Ahhhh.


I love how Frosty just glides through the snow. Also, his hat. 


Lazy morning, lazy ears.


Words of wisdom from a lovely wedding card.


I love dipping into the local raw honey we gave away as wedding favors. *J&A*


Cholula approves of John’s replacement bling!


Direct TV’s holiday music channel is better than Sirius XM’s Holly station. FYI.


John brings me water each night and adds an extra blanket on my side of the bed. Swoon.


Delicious anticipation of the first taste of this season’s batch of eggnog!


Holiday trinkets tucked here and there.


A neatly folded pile of laundry is so rewarding sometimes.


“When you smile, the sun- it peeks through the clouds…”  **


No, seriously. I want baby goats. They are adorable and feisty!


My date is smokin’ hot. Just sayin’.


Blackberry Whiskey Sour? Yes, please.


Date night bling. 




Tiny sweaters make sweet little ornaments!


Why, yes- that IS a ceramic slab of bacon hanging from our tree!


Enough snow to shovel. More, please!


Polka dots.


Holiday cards hanging in the doorway.


Chocolate-covered Hubb’s peanuts from Virginia changed my life. YUM.


Santa- ready at a moment’s notice. So be good, for goodness’ sake…

You know. Just the usual bliss. 

** Song lyrics from “Marry Song” by Band of Horses- our first dance. **


      1. I absolutely love your tree ornaments – they seem so refelctive of you! The Betty look-a-like, the bacon……much better than just the typical bulbs & candy canes!! And I will never get sick of seeing your pup’s crooked ears!!!!

  1. Great photos, Amber! I can’t believe it’s so snowy in Park City — actually I can, you’re in the mountains, duh. We haven’t gotten a drop here in Chicago. I’m hoping for a white Christmas.

    PS that bagel made me seriously reconsider what I’m going to eat for breakfast tomorrow. Looks amazing.

  2. I thought you said the smallest things are what make life infinitely better? That breakfast sandwich isn’t a small detail at all… that thing is MAJOR and I am considering finding myself one ASAP!

    Also, that picture of the sun peeking through the clouds is so, so beautiful.

      1. If I’m being honest, I still haven’t found one (mostly out of fear that I’ll go there every day.) I did have a RIDICULOUS breakfast sandwich on an asiago bagel with avocado, bacon & egg in Moab on our way home from Thanksgiving – I want to say the place was called the Red Rock Cafe or something along those lines!

      2. Oooh, my favorite stop in Moab is the Peace Tree. Great wraps and paninis, smoothies, coffee drinks. I actually usually stop in Monticello. A Thai chicken wrap is way better than a Subway sammie when you need road food!!

      3. Agreed! Subway doesn’t really do much for me other than satisfy the need to chew. I will have to keep the Peace Tree in mind for the next time we travel up that way! Oh, I just looked it up – it WAS the Red Rock Bakery and Cafe that we stopped at. Coffee was so-so, but the breakfast sandwiches there rocked!

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